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Comment This is a far more complex issue.... (Score 1) 921

There are two important factors often overlooked in the "organic" vs. conventional debate. First is cost. Is it better to have produce that is slightly less nutritious but cheaper so that people eat more of it? Simply stated, if conventionally grown salad greens are cheaper will people eat more of them (and be healthier) or will more people (poorer people) eat them when they wouldn't at a higher price (and be healthier)? Second is practicality. The great Nobel Peace price winning agronomist Norman Borlaug has stated that in common analysis there simply isn't a way to change the world to 100% organic produce. There simply isn't enough sh*t to support feeding the world's current population plus reduced efficiencies of organic farming methods are an issue.

Comment Re:I guess I should prepare for extinction then (Score 2, Interesting) 422

This is another example how statistics lie. I have a blackberry with GPS and yes, I have USED IT ONCE OR TWICE as a GPS so I qualify as far as the article is concerned. I do not use it as my primary GPS by a long shot and just bought an upgraded Garmin for my car. Smart phone GPS's have a long way to go before they displace stand alone GPS's for speed of route calculation, accuracy, readability and speed of satellite signal acquisition.

Comment Re:America, you are so f'd up (Score 4, Insightful) 457

Gee, since an Moslem terrorist would know this too and since if they are on a suicide mission or other mission, they are probably going to skip the wonderful airline food and they will know not to order a special meal. Once again, another pointless Bush administration loss of liberty to ZERO affect on the war on terror.

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