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Comment Re:Here we see the difference between Free and Sla (Score 1) 424

Did you look at new ubuntu 12? I mean, seriously in this day and age, an OS that struggles to work with multiple monitors, puts task bars on both the desktops, has a windowing system that totally sucks(has a lot of bugs) and has a sluggish UI(because of driver issues).

And compare that to OS X. Works out of the box. Has a decent mail and messaging app. And I can still login to my linux box to work.

Linux box is relegated to where it belongs. It might be bright on the engineering side of things, but I have come to realize after a decade of tinkering with it that my time on this planet is limited, and I cannot waste my time on *already* solved problems and elegantly so(by OS X), by people who know better about those things.

I am all for open source computing. I, for the most part use emacs as my editor, and still run a home built linux box that I ssh to.

Talking about open source computing is not the only way to pay homage to it. May be if you and others put your money where your mouth is and offer a compelling reason for using it, by enhancing the productivity, may be more people would move to it. If that is not possible, this movement, like other idealistic movements in the history will end up where the belong, namely, in the intellectual trash can.

Comment It was smart to use a different language.. (Score 2) 97

Smarter than you think. I remember reading somewhere that US radio controllers in WW-II used a native american language to communicate with each other. No amount of analysis will give you any insight, if the other party is careful to not use any trails. To translate on language into another mechanically requires deep knowledge of both the languages.

If you rolled your own language with its own grammar, you can be secure in the fact that *even* deep analysis will not yield any clues, not atleast by the current technology. I am not sure such a thing can be even done by a turing machine. People with better knowledge of it are welcome to correct me If I am wrong. All the current technology is concentrated on modifying bits for security, but if you do on a sufficiently high level(aka another language) there is no way to crack it.

This case however has a achilles heel; you can still modify the binary and see what results would be by running it. After a sufficient number of trials, you should be able to decode it.

Comment Well, its a business (Score 2) 507

And the market conditions determine what the price is. Sure you would pay more for food during natural disasters. This is a common theme on reddit "That big company did that, those assholes, how could they?"

If you are so pissed off about it, wait until the storm passes away and buy it then. Grow up and have a little bit of patience.

Comment Try it on old people and the disabled. (Score 1) 417

You got work through angles in cases like this. Going straight out wouldn't work. The first step is to try it on old people, who cannot drive, but possibly control the car. Make it illegal to leave to car seat, and in the case of a accident the user is at fault. Because it is his liability to keep looking. Also, have black boxes made by a 3rd party to record exactly what happened. In case of non-user errors, where the car refuses to relinquish control, get sued. I am sure that hit is not hard to take for a company like google.

Give it time, time for the technology to be perfect and law to catchup with technology. Fail fast and learn.

Submission + - After Books Go Extinct

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Books are on their way to extinction writes Kevin Kelly, adding that we are in a special moment when paper books are plentiful and cheap that will not last beyond the end of this century. "It seems hard to believe now, but within a few generations, seeing a actual paper book will be as rare for most people as seeing an actual lion." But a prudent society keeps at least one specimen of all it makes, so Brewster Kahle, the founder of the Internet Archive, has decided that we should keep a copy of every book that Google and Amazon scan so that somewhere in the world there was at least one physical copy to represent the millions of digital copies so if anyone ever wondered if the digital book's text had become corrupted or altered, they could refer back to the physical book that was archived somewhere safe. The books are being stored in cardboard boxes, stacked five high on a pallet wrapped in plastic, stored 40,000 strong in a shipping container, inside a metal warehouse on a dead-end industrial street near the railroad tracks in Richmond California. In this nondescript and "nothing valuable here" building, Kahle hopes to house 10 million books — about the contents of a world-class university library. "It still amazes me that after 20 years the only publicly available back up of the internet is the privately funded Internet Archive. The only broad archive of television and radio broadcasts is the same organization," writes Kelly. "They are now backing up the backups of books. Someday we'll realize the precocious wisdom of it all and Brewster Kahle will be seen as a hero.""

Comment Devnagari script? (Score 1) 534

It is just a guess, but it could be the that most Indian languages are written in Devanagari script. In Devanagari, what you read and what you write are the same; no phonetics are necessary. Exposure to that could have caused this. Or it may be a rear end talk.

Other than that, Indians and other Asians are obsessed with numbers, anything that has a number on it is worth having. First rank.. hell yeah. A million dollars.. yep. Arts and research are what losers do because they cant be measured and my ignorance is as good as your knowledge. What good is it?

PS: I'm an Indian.

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