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Comment Re:I bet you don't.... (Score 1) 263

I don't want to dwell on this, but I guess I owe an answer, so here goes:

First, the article talks about politeness as in "fear of hurting others' feelings" and never about raw fear, as in "fear of getting killed". I was pointing out that your comment was off-topic and offensive.

Second, about the "Islam isn't peaceful" part: Islam does have a set of rules about war, most of them seek to "humanize" war and pretty much disagree with the crazy shit that is done in the "name of Islam". The BBC has a summary of the rules.

Last, I do criticize muslims who do crazy shit or muslims who support people who do crazy shit. I do not criticize them for being muslim, but for being batshit crazy.

(And by the way, when I say that I'm not muslim/theist any longer, it's not because I disagree with Islam as a religion (or any other religion in fact), it's just that I stopped believing in God or gods, and the first and most important condition of being a muslim is faith in the existence of God)

Comment Re:Why Muslims think they're the religion of peace (Score 5, Insightful) 263

In every office, standing by the water cooler, there is a person. Let's call him Joe. Joe tells stories about his weekend, followed by jokes about his in-laws, and everyone politely laughs as they shuffle around him to get their cup of water. "Why does Joe continue telling these jokes?" everyone wonders.

That's the first few lines of TFA.

Since society has taught us not to hurt other people's feelings, we rarely hear the truth about ourselves, even when we really deserve it. And sometimes that politesse can have negative ramifications.

Now, let's translate them to other people who do not share your understanding of Islam:

In every office, standing by the water cooler, there is a person. Let's call him Achmed. Achmed tells stories about his religion, followed by assumptions about how it is a religion of peace, and everyone politely agrees as they shuffle around him to get their cup of water. "Will he cut my head off if I tell him I think that is total BS?" everyone wonders.


Since society has taught us to expect our head to be cut off by any muslim we disagree with, we rarely hear the truth about ourselves, even when we really deserve it. And sometimes that fear can have negative ramifications.

Except that you didn't read TFA and just shat a comment out of your hate filled mouth (keyboard).

Why should I care (and why am I feeding the troll)?

I'm not a muslim/theist anymore, but I was born muslim and have some family and friends who still are.

None of them have ever cut my head off or that of any other person who disagreed with them. Nevertheless everyday I see scum such as you spewing hate left and right about shit you don't even care to try to understand and getting ignored (at best) or modded +1 I-too-hate/fear-muslims.

(Yea I'm new here, I expect people to RTFA)

Comment Re:porn party? (Score 2) 183

I think Google is being overzealous-by-default.

Consider that the default filters ban anything related with sex to show on advertisements delivered to the mass, and consider that it takes much more time to deal with the bureaucracy at Google (all the different levels of message forwarding to the higher authority etc) than it takes time for a script to ban 'X' ad that has 'Y' keywords in it.

Most people, most of the time, don't want to be made to think about sex when they're not actively thinking about it themselves. I remember in the days of old when I was searching for WhateverWarez and I got constantly diverted by LaraCroftBoobs ads. No unlimited bandwidths back then, and no DSL, so the phone line was constantly in use.

But I digress. Google needs to refine its blocking filters to include more exceptions and/or at least inform their costumers about the filters in lieu and make it CLEARLY visible what route to take to be considered an exception.

Submission + - Massive Iceberg Breaks off the Petermann Glacier

gorgonymus gorgward writes: NASA Earth Observatory reports that the Petermann Glacier has lost a chunk of ice roughly half the size of the one it lost two years ago. Pictures show that the break-off happened over the course of two days, monday 16 to tuesday 17 july.

Ted Scambos, lead scientist at the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center, noted that this calving event marks a retreat of the Petermann Glacier “farther back than historical calving fronts.” A comparison of this event to the 2010 event shows that this iceberg broke off the glacier tongue farther upstream. The crack along the southern margin of this new iceberg, however, has been visible in satellite imagery for several years. That rift was first identified in 2001.

Submission + - Senate Leaders Reach Agreement To Prevent Student Loan Rates From Doubling (

awkgor writes: After two filibusters by Republicans, it seems that the Senate has finally come to an agreement on freezing student loan rates. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are apparently working out the final details on how they will cover the cost of the bill, which will prevent student loans from doubling this month. Methods to pay for it, according to the National Journal, “include Democratic proposals involving pensions.

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