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Submission + - Australian Pro-Nuclear Straw Man (

gordm writes: Giles Parkinson (editor of RenewEconomy) has a curious recollection of the pro-nuclear talk delivered by Ben Heard at Brisbane City Hall (for Brisbane Global Café).

"Nuclear cheerleader Ben Heard blamed everyone from lefties to greenies for the current state of the nuclear industry."

Just as my own province of Alberta emits almost 900g CO2/kWh, so does Australia. I'd love to see these numbers come down. Ben was pointing out Ontario as an example of a once coal-dependent province which has stopped burning coal:

What Ben did NOT do, was pass blame for the current state of the nuclear industry... in fact nuclear power is illegal in Australia.

Giles Parkinson's assertions can be found here:

I think anyone considering the challenge of ditching coal will find Ben's talk as interesting as the "rebuttal" it triggered.

Submission + - Bill Gates vs Dr. Helen Caldicott on Nuclear (

gordm writes: Bill Gates looks to nuclear energy as a means of addressing poverty and climate change. Helen Caldicott... does not. This (pro-nuclear) video contrasts their views, including Helen's Caldicott's shifting opinion on Bill Gates once he backed nuclear energy.

It was created using YouTube's REMIX THIS VIDEO and online video editor. It was pulled from a 2 hour video reviewing a fraction of Dr. Helen Caldicott's false statements. (Because they couldn't all fit in a 2 hour video.)

Comment But we've emitted more carbon! (Score 2) 322

I don't understand Krugman (who I respect) saying... "United States accounts for only 17 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, while China accounts for 27 percent — and China’s share is rising fast." ...when per-capita we're emitting far more than them. Not even counting historical carbon, emitted so that we could build roads and infrastructure then even total carbon emissions still dwarf China. If we're not AT LEAST recognizing that we emit WAY more GHG more per-capita TODAY, then this is... this is terrible coming from Krugman.

Comment Pu-238 is in short supply BECAUSE... (Score 1) 122

...the Pu-238 contained within USA's existing U-233 stockpile is being destroyed along with it.

Also, the U-233 could serve as a "nuclear catalyst" in Molten Salt Reactors fed Thorium as fuel. Such reactors could produce Pu-238 in an easily partition-able form since they would be in a liquid state, and there would be no unwanted isotopes to contaminate the plutonium. (Isotopes being harder to separate than other elements.)

If you live in the USA please consider dropping your email in here...

...and you'll be notified when the next petition is launched. Last petition hit ~2500 sigs so there's a ways to go, but by building up the email list should ultimately get there.

Submission + - DoE spending $500M to destroy U-233 stockpile needed by NASA ( 3

gordm writes: "The Department of Energy is in the process of destroying America's supply of Uranium 233, an extremely rare isotope of Uranium not found in nature. This U-233 cost American taxpayers $4.5 Billion (today's dollars) to create. And now, $500 Million dollars are being spent to downblend & vitrify it.

Pu-238 can be created from this U-233. The natural decay of Pu-238 releases energy, which is needed by NASA for any space probe traveling beyond the asteroid belt.

Other radioactive isotopes are needed for medical diagnosis, some for finding fossil fuels and some even offer the promise of exciting new cancer treatment.

Today, these isotopes are created in special research reactors. Many of these (old) reactors are about to be shut down.

U-233 can be used to create these isotopes while simultaneously generating energy. It can be done using a reactor both safer, cheaper, and capable of producing far less tranuranic nuclear waste than today's reactors. (In fact, it can even consume some of our spent fuel rods as fuel.)

This machine is the Molten Salt Reactor (MSR), sometimes referred to (by a specific sub-category of design) as the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR).

The MSR can outperform today's reactors because there are no fuel rods, the U-233 and Thorium are dissolved in liquid salts. Homogenous liquid fuel can be consumed far more efficiently than today's heterogeneous fuel rods. In fact, such a departure from today's reactor design is necessary to achieve truly efficient nuclear power.

The one critical advantage America has over any other nation developing MSR is its Uranium-233 stockpile. No one else on the planet has such a resource. You do not absolutely need U-233 to run a Molten Salt Reactor, but it is the cleanest way to do so. (Fewer undesirable transuranics are produced.)

Private industry is actively developing MSR (as are other nations), but DoE destruction of U-233 puts the viability of this reactor design at risk."

Comment Re:Lots of work? (Score 3, Informative) 66

Have used PluralEyes but find not much harder to sync manually. Make 3 loud clapping sounds once recorders are all running, manually sync to that in timeline. The vast majority of the audio can't be put in sync manually because the audio is so different for each perspective (for 5 hours) compared to the 3 seconds where identical clapping can be heard. Ideally the devices are all activated & running (then you clap 3x) before the event starts, and deployed as needed. As opposed to starting them as they are deployed to collars.

Submission + - Heavy Rare Earths - In relation to Thorium, in rel (

gordm writes: "News of Apple manufacturing A5 chips in Texas begs question: Which hi-tech goods can be economically manufactured in North America, and which ones can not? Why A5, and not iOS devices?

It may be due to China's near-monopoly on Heavy Rare Earths, used in the manufacture of iPads, iPhones... solar panels, wind turbines, hybrid car batteries and weapons guidance systems. China has been very effective at leveraging their supply of Heavy Rare Earths into manufacturing jobs.

No doubt wages and environmental regulation are important factors. But are HRE being overlooked when manufacturing jobs are being discussed? (Would love to hear from someone involved in manufacturing similar products on how critical this is!)"

Comment Re:right idea - Wrong fuel (Score 1) 230

denis-The-menace (or anyone),

Sorry for this crazy-stupid question, but how does one up-vote in slashdot? I'm logged in, but I only see filtering mechanisms, I can't find any voting mechanisms.

I've been on Slashdot for YEARS, and I guess I better finally come clean on this. I have no idea how to upvote, even though every year or so I'll take another stab at it.

Comment flaws? (Score 1) 2

I'm also keen on hearing flaws... so far just broad rebuttals against nuclear, not MSR / LFTR specific. I tried emailing Honourable Ronald Liepert, Alberta's Minister of Energy. His office responded that... "I have forwarded your email to the Department of Energy and they are familiar with this technology."

Submission + - Kirk Sorensen Discusses Safer Nuclear Fission ( 2

progliberty writes: While using thorium as a fuel was discussed in a previous slashdot article., Kirk Sorensen has given a talk at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada explaining the inner workings and merits of the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR), a type of Molten Salt Reactor (MSR). What can we do to make implementation possible, and what, if any, flaws exist in the technology?

Submission + - TEDxYYC - Can Thorium End Our Energy Crisis? (

gordm writes: "Many Slashdot readers are probably familiar with the concept of LFTR: Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (a type of molten salt reactor). Recently, a new TEDx Talk went live featuring a very accessible 10 minute introduction to LFTR.

Enthusiasts (including myself) are hoping this video will help bring the subject to a much wider audience. As opposed to the ADHD mindset (and forgiveness of low video resolution) required by LFTR in 16 Minutes."

Submission + - How a Pal Adder Bot Tool Can Develop Your Social N (howapaladderbottoolcandevelopyoursocialnetworklikeroaches)

isaacvalenzu38 writes: The important to accomplishment on Facebook is the size of your network and there are only so quite a few folks you can link to — if you do it on your private. Right here, is where by friend facebook friend adder promoting equipment can assistance you. They automate the practice of reaching out to people today and instead of reaching out to hundreds, you can achieve out to countless numbers.

Right here are some advantages of a Companion Adder Promotion Device:

1. Add Mates: A buddy adder advertising and marketing instrument expands your attain, substantially. It will immediately goal users that you'd like to achieve out to and enable you make good friends with them.

2. Mail Messages: With a pal adder promotion tool, you can deliver messages to 1000's of close friends, all at a single go. This will help save you significant time, and aid you deliver facts about new merchandise, seminars, freebies and other stuff to all your close friends repeatedly and in actual time.

three. Mass Pokes: Who doesn't get pleasure from a great poke? Any time I receive a poke, I get a warm feeling in my belly. Sadly, I have certainly not been capable to poke a ton of my buddies, as I'd like, mainly because of time constraints. With the close friend adder marketing tool — you get the ability to mail numerous pokes all at the moment.

four. Mass Wall Posts: You get the capability to mail mass wall posts and spread your word close to in hundreds of hundreds of walls by using a buddy adder device.

five. Invite Pals To Activities: These automation tools support you invite a range of people to activities that you organize and increase your likelihood of achievements.

As you can see, automation can do wonders for you as it raises your potential to connect with people on Facebook several folds. 1 of the ideal methods to automate your Facebook advertising and marketing campaign is by making use of a Good friend Adder Promotion Tool and these a device can support you leverage the benefits of social networking and automation tremendously.

If your considerable about carrying out promotions on Facebook, you genuinely require to be harnessing the electrical power of software package deals out there. With the proper use of buddy including computer software you can automate duties this sort of as incorporating prospects who match the demographic and area you are targeting with the click of a button. From there you will make a handful of small adjustments to make sure the software package keeps your accounts out of fire from Facebook assist employees.

In order for you to star beneath the radar you seriously only want to be undertaking a optimum of 300 close friend requests a day and randomize how the requests are performed. This is completed with ease the moment again using application that is at this time out on the market. If you go through the title of this document you would have recognize I made a bold declare of acquiring 200,000 close friends in 17 days or much less.

A ton if not most folks would say I'm nuts!, I guarantee you this is not the instance as you can do the exact with some very simple planning.

- Details to look at

Submission + - SPAM: How to Find a Terrific Mover For Your Up coming Mo

ZarlanFeele1230f writes: A different support a extensive distance moving enterprise can present is to move your vehicles, recreational autos, or even a boat across region for you. There are unique selections for this as very well, just like there are with the over-all transfer. A common selection is to tow a automobile behind a relocating truck. This does expose your vehicle to the factors, but does not set any use and tear on the car or truck itself. If you desire to have your vehicle moved more securely, you can have it transported in a coated trailer, along with any recreational cars you might have. You can retain the transferring company to transport your boat on its trailer for you too, doing the transferring approach significantly a lot easier for you.

If you strategy to place some elements in storage right after the transfer, you can discuss to your relocating company about storage solutions. In lots of scenarios a long distance mover will have direct connects with storage amenities that can guide you. The movers can separate your belongings from what is getting stored and what isn't, and can even aid you at appropriately packing the items that are heading to be place in storage. There are several companies that a very long distance relocating business can give, and at lots of various selling prices, so sense free of charge to communicate with your moving company in advanced when you strategy to transfer a good distance.

New York — The Metropolis of Possibilities
Thinking of the sum of people that move to New York each year, NY movers would surely be trying to keep genuinely active. New York is a metropolis which has always been deemed as the toughest and still the most interesting cities in the entire world. Thousands and thousands of individuals from all over the earth travel to the town every single year in buy to visit the metropolis. Also, hundreds of folks just about every year travel to New York with hopes of creating the town their new household and begin fresh new.

New York presents a multitude of opportunities to people today. It is an important center for trade, commerce, small business and banking and the headquarters of numerous company and multi national companies are positioned in the town. This in flip will carry them a lot more organization.

New York — The Metropolis of Opportunities
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The Most effective Services
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