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Comment Re:Issues (Score 1) 161

" ...
First, the amount of time spent watching stuff is a poor metric by itself. What you really want to know is the amount of enjoyment people get out of the service. Admittedly that is very hard to measure accurately, which is why they want to use "hours spent watching" as a more easily determinable value. However they shouldn't forget that the map is not the territory. ..."

Ah, but you are not a TV Programming executive. You see, the single most important metric to anyone providing content is the amount of time you spend watching. Nothing ... and I mean nothing ... else matters. Because that is the metric they can earn advertising revenue from, and that is the metric they can present to the Board to show revenue potential and revenue trends.

Now, there is the obvious problem ... subscriber base goes hand in hand with viewership hours for this to fully flesh out.

But that is the problem of Sales, not Programming.

Maybe that's a fucked up way of running a company, but no-one ever got a media company to change by pointing out their ridiculous view of the world or their place in it.

Comment Re: Stick a fork in it (Score 1) 157


<quote><p>Besides, the windows phone UI is ugly as hell. You basically have to be a Microsoft fan to actually want to use it.</p></quote>

<p>I disagree. I wasn't a Microsoft fan when I switched to Windows Phone in late 2012 (hated Windows XP, skipped Vista, was forced to use 7). But the somewhat denser UI allowed me to break out of the tap in, tap in, tap in, back, back, back cycle that I was seemingly stuck in on iOS.

</p><p>Plus I liked the tiles: resizable, repositionable, and they contained information.</p></quote>

You "hated" WindowsXP? Quite possibly the only thing Microsoft did right over the last 20 years ... and you "hated" it?

Comment Double What? (Score 1) 471

I read the article carefully, and I didn't see an answer to my question.
It says that the "cost will double". But it doesn't say the cost of what.

If it's the assembly cost, that is only about 3% of the cost of an iPhone. The majority of the parts that go into making an iPhone are not China sourced (although a certain amount is from China, but the largest % of parts comes from Germany, and no, China isn't no2 on the list either).

What is missing is the infrastructure that surrounds the China assembly plants. The cost of Labor isn't the issue. (China and Mexico have almost identical labor costs, for example).

That's something that every Mining Engineer could tell you. There are plenty of places in the world with rich mineral or oil deposits, but the infrastructure to exploit those deposits doesn't exist, or more properly exists in the places they are actively mining and pumping today.

That's the kind of thing that takes years to develop ... it took China a decade to do it, and they were highly motivated and had state sponsorship. The US once had it, but it has withered away and would have to be re-established.

Apple has built computers in the US, in Ireland, and other "first world" nations in the past, and they assemble iMacs in Texas today.

Comment Re:Incentivized vs fake? (Score 1) 106

I took a test to see if I could spot fake reviews. The examples were not easy ... most were two paragraphs or so and the language was not from a non-native speaker of English. My score was 40 / 40, or 100%.

I was surprised; I expected to be fooled a few times. But that's not the point.

Even though I am apparently skilled at it, it was not easy; I can see how most people would have trouble spotting many of the examples I was asked to determine.

Fake or insincere reviews, blog posts, and forum posts are everywhere. That is not news.

Where the problem exists is there are also sincere reviews, blog posts, and forum posts. It's not enough to pick out the fakes, you have to be able to correctly identify the genuine ones as well.

It's not important which you get right, it's important you get most of them right. Exactly how much is hard to say, but I would say it has to be at least 80% of the time or reviews / blogs / posts are not useful to you.

Comment Wrong Size (Score 1) 260

The typical computer is the wrong size.

Why don't laptop screens come in a 9x12-ish format? Because they are built to accommodate the keyboard, not the screen.
Why do most people who own a rotatable desktop monitor still view it in landscape mode? Because all the software including the OS is built to work in the landscape form factor. Why are tablets popular? Because after a total rewrite of the OS and all apps, they actually work in a vertical orientation.

Paper is simply shaped the right way for reading. It is also more convenient to work with. I know the desktop metaphor works reasonably well, it just doesn't work as well as a real world stack of documents made of paper.

You can write on it. Being able to write on a computer screen has been available for 20 years, yet few people who have the capability actually use it, and very few people have the capability in the first place. The only exception seems to be graphic artists, and we all know they are not "normal" people.

The paperless office is a pipe dream, and always has been.

What digital devices are good for, however, is storage. There is no way any computer user would have had the same number of documents stored in their home or pocket if there was no digital device to hold it. The house would sink into the earth under the weight of it all.

I still use and buy books, I still use and work with paper documents. Yet I have ... I dunno ... thousands of books worth of documents stored on Hard Drives and backups. The ratio of paper documents to digital documents is enormous.

Comment "Go Ahead, Sue Me" (Score 1) 62

Not me, personally. I don't do the things Amazon is suing people (or businesses) for. But ...

You typically need to sue in a US court if you want to get any reasonable settlement that covers your effort and costs. If Amazon wins the lawsuit, and the loser doesn't pay the judgement, then Amazon can seize all their US assets.

And if the offshore vendor doesn't have any US assets?


Lawsuit: Fail

Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 157

It is not the absence or presence of a clutch pedal that determines if a transmission is "Automatic" or "Manual". The terms are somewhat ambiguous, as they describe a shift by user input when the true difference is how the transmission operates.

The first transmissions ... they were not called "manual" at the time ... were all clutch-actuated sliding-gear types with a mainshaft and countershaft. Later an improvement was the Constant Mesh type, which still utilized the mainshaft and countershaft arrangement, but reduced the tendency to "grind" the gears.

Some might consider the addition of synchromesh shift mechanisms as another improvement, but dog-shift transmissions with user-operated clutches are still used, in particular in motorcycles and in four wheel racing. In every example the consistent characteristic is the mainshaft and countershaft with gears arrangement. Although until recently all these types utilized a manual (foot or hand operated) clutch, the presence of either does not define the type. Electronic aids can substitute for the manually operated clutch.

The "Automatic" transmission is a marketing term to describe the Hydraulic Shift Transmission type. This uses Planetary Gears and Hydraulic Valves to perform the shifting of ratios. Again, these transmissions utilize a hydraulic link to the engine, in the form of a Torque Converter, but the presence of the Torque Converter, like the presence of the user-operated clutch, does not define the type.

Torque-converters, conventional clutch and pressure plate mechanisms, and centrifugal clutches are all possible methods of connecting the engine to the transmission. The absence or presence of user operated clutch is merely a feature of how the motor and ratio shift mechanism connect, just as the absence or presence of Computer Control does not define the type. It is the hydraulic valve operated planetary gear set, or the mainshaft/countershaft with sliding gears that define the two types ... the "Automatic" and "Manual" to use the typical terms, respectively.

A "Dual Clutch Transmission" that is computer controlled but does not have a user-operated clutch pedal is none the less a "manual" transmission if it utilizes a mainshaft and countershaft with sliding gears and dog engagement.

Similarly, a hydraulic valve and planetary gear transmission that is computer controlled is an "Automatic" transmission type.

Comment So 2% is considered reasonable then? (Score 1) 168

The number should be 100% whom understand that you have to monitor the vehicle and be willing at any moment to (re)take control. Tesla is selling a couple hundred cars a month into Germany. Does Tesla Motors feel that there being 5 drivers every month who think you can push a button and then go on the Autobahn while watching a DVD and eating breakfast is OK?

This is a big deal. It should be zero drivers thinking that way. And I mean ZERO. This is not vindication for Tesla, it's indicative of how they are thinking about this all wrong.

Comment Plain and Simple proper planning (Score 1) 160

Like any good Criminal, they study Human Nature and know it inside out.

The Election was late-breaking news and people were hungry for tidbits of information. That means many (not all, of course) normally wary and aware recipients of the eMail would have fallen for it, despite probably knowing better the other 364 days of the year.

The results may have played a role in the uptake, but it would have worked regardless of who won, as long as it was reasonably close, and that would include the state results only in some races, regardless of the Presidential race.

Just good planning by the hackers. In retrospect's perfect 20:20 vision, it's obvious but on Election Day, maybe not so much.

Hopefully it won't be forgotten, although the odds in my opinion are against it, but next time around maybe these organizations should warn their staff a day or three before the first Tuesday in November. It's a near perfect "setup", as the crime movies would say.

Comment Not Surprised At All (Score 1) 259

When it comes to the work I do, graphics to a certain extent and Audio Processing to a large extent, the contemporary Apple OS machines always out-performed the contemporary Windows OS machines at any time since I began ... 1990, if you measure it in terms of work done on the file ... how long does it take to get x amount of final output?

It's the combination of OS and hardware configuration. You can build a similar Windows box, but it still lags in output over, say, a week. Also note that when Jobs built Pixar, he didn't use Macs to render his movies, he used x86 boxes.

But, he also didn't use Windows; back in the day (before the Disney buyout) Pixar built proprietary Linux applications to process their film stock. So it really IS the OS.

Comment Re:How about.. (Score 1) 598

I don't see any reason why we need abandon "Noon" (or "Midnight") in our vernacular. What we would abandon with the adoption of Coordinated Universal Time (CUT) would be the current specific relationship of the local time of day to those terms. We still can maintain the solar or day-to-day relationship. It might then be Noon at 6 AM where I live (UTC -6:00) but we can still say "Noon" as the point in the sky where the sun is most vertical in it's arc. The same for Midnight ... the point where one day changes to the other, which would be in my local 6PM CUT.

It may never happen, but this is one of those things that the Computer Age might bring, once the current generation (my generation, as it turns out) that grew up without a digital life passes on. I would expect that would encompass those born after 1980, but maybe you could roll that back to the 70's (b1970 is age 20 in 1990).

Traditions die hard, however ... that's why we call them "traditions".

Comment The Hardest Part ... (Score 1) 177

The Hardest Part isn't the routing or means of connection, it's the OS and Browser itself you choose to use.

What you need to do, is find an OS and a Browser you can use *with the default settings unchanged*. Making Configuration or Preference adjustment paints you with an identifiable combination of unique settings visible to the web itself as you surf.

Comment Never (Score 1) 587

Under no circumstances do you ever lower your salary expectations. If the industry or position you are qualified for or seeking changes with regard to the typical salary paid, either be a Hero and be worth more, or change occupations.

I learned over 30 years ago, while struggling to pay my way through University, how to stop earning near-minimum wage jobs. Stop looking for them, and don't accept any.

And, as if by Magic, I started earning higher salaries. Work was no easier and no harder to find. When I retired I was amongst the highest paid in my profession in Canada.

Comment Re:Not surpised (Score 1) 96

<quote><p>That's the beauty of your (and my) Kenmore appliances. Stable technology and manufacturing processes which haven't changed in years. If you're happy about your appliances being flawless after 5 years, you have pretty low expectations.</p><p>Do you want your washer to post to your Twitter/FB/txt/whatever when your laundry is done? Or do you want your appliances to work?</p><p>I voted with my dollars and my dollars opted for the latter.</p></quote>

You should keep your appliance(s), but come time to replace them, be careful. This recall also includes Samsung-manufactured Kenmore branded models.

Comment Re:Yes please (Score 1) 143

In Canada:
You cannot fly a drone: ... within 5 Nautical Miles (9 km) of any aerodrome (i.e. airport, heliport, helipad or seaplane base, etc.). Because every Hospital in my city (pop 260,000) has a helipad, it means flying a drone within the City Limits is illegal. Not to mention that flying a drone in a populated area is also specifically illegal. ... in any restricted airspace (military bases, prisons, skydiving clubs, and forest fires). ... in any populated area; ... over sporting events, concerts, festivals, and firework shows; ... near moving vehicles, highways, bridges, busy streets, or anywhere you could endanger or distract drivers; ... closer than 150 metres (500 feet) from people, animals, buildings, structures, or vehicles; ... anywhere you may interfere with first responders.

Violations are covered under a number of statutes, including the Criminal Code, and the range of penalties include throwing away the key.

" ...
The Criminal Code of Canada describes several offences involving the dangerous operation of aircraft and endangering the safety of other aircraft. Committing such offences is punishable by monetary penalties and/or jail time including imprisonment for life. ..."
-Advisory Circular (AC) No. 600-002
Civil Aviation Resources
General Safety Practices &ndash; Model Aircraft and Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems


And yes, I have it on good authority (Federal Prison Staff) that your drone will meet firepower over a Prison, Penitentiary or Psychiatric Hospital.

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