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Comment Been there. done that... (Score 1) 191 Arrangement of Axis Unit Flux 10-D It has ten diagonals, nine with the force of light, one minus the charge or plus gravity (the normal state). They are composed of one dimensional (1-D) infinitesimal width string or tube like objects arranged in a ten dimensional Dodecahedron axes pattern terminating on vertices or the set of twenty points... (+-x/y, +-xy, 0) where y = (5+1)/2 ( +-xy, 0, +-x/y) x = G /(20 * 3) ( 0, +-x/y, +-xy) G = 1/(10 * 26 - 1)c ( +-x, +-x, +-x) y = (5+1)/2 = 1.61803398875 = the golden ratio.

Comment Re:What about 13billion yr old galaxies? (Score 1) 291

Hey... where did you get this from...
When the light left those galaxies/quasars/whatever 13 billion years ago, the universe was much smaller than it is now. So that 13 billion light year radius sphere surrounding us was only a 500 million light year sphere at the time, yet the light has taken 13 billion year to get here. (Actually, the universe is not really a sphere. It's some warped dimensional thing that I can't possibly understand.)
I've been looking for information like that.

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