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Submission + - Do companies benefit from social networking?

Roland Piquepaille writes: "According to two U.S. researchers, fewer degrees of separation make companies more innovative. They've studied the innovative performance of about a thousand companies in various industries over a six-year period. And they've concluded that "companies that network and form strategic alliances are more creative and develop more patented inventions than those that don't." Even if the conclusion sounds right, basing it on patent numbers might be questionable. Read more for additional references and an illustration describing the evolution of computer companies' social networks and tell me what you think."

Submission + - Poll: What would your billionaire hobby be? 4

MontyApollo writes: Poll: What would your billionaire hobby be?

Space Company
Sports Team Owner
Venture Capitalist
Political Foundation
Social/Charitable Foundation
Science/Tech Foundation
Just Party/Travel/Personal Hobbies and nothing else
Cloning Research Company for spare parts
Cloning an army of CowboyNeals to rule the world
Input Devices

Submission + - Yamaha Tenori-On: Toy or Tool? (

stretta writes: "The Tenori-On by Yamaha is a fascinating musical device brought forth by a company not known for taking chances. Matthew Davidson deconstructs the hype and expectations surrounding the product and offers a sincere plea for Yamaha to support the OpenSound Control standard."

Submission + - IBM Ships Lotus Notes & Domino 8 1

An anonymous reader writes: It seems to divide opinions more than any other piece of software — either you love it or you hate it — but 125 million+ users have to live with it. IBM would like to think that they've listened to their users biggest gripes and produced an all singing, all dancing new version of Lotus Notes. This release features a new client that is based on the Eclipse framework and very nice it is too!

Submission + - Help building computer for visually-impaired kid?

a_red_man writes: My nephew is three years old, and was born with visual-impairments. He has already had several eye surgeries since he was born. Recently his parents learned that there is a possibility that his condition may be degenerative over time, which is a scary thing to hear. I'm hoping and praying that he does not lose all of his sight, and that this is NOT degenerative.

Cognitive testing places him mentally well above his age. I think he's aware that he doesn't see the world exactly the same as everyone else does, but he can see enough of it to know what's happening around him. He's always seen the world that way — so it's all he knows. He's smart, funny, inquisitive about the world, and a joy to be around!

Like many things in life, I have remained blissfully uninformed about dealing with visual impairment in children until it touched my own family. And, like many readers of Slashdot, I believe that technology can be a significant enabler.

I'm seeking advice on putting a computer together for him for educational purposes (reading/math/etc) and I don't know where to start. I'm working off of the assumption that his vision will not worsen, so I'm assuming he'll be able to see but at a level that counts as legally-blind. He can read letters and words in children's books, but has trouble reading words on a computer monitor unless they're very large. I know there are features and programs out there for people with visual-impairment, but I'm curious to see if anyone out there has had personal experience and can point me in the right direction (operating system, programs, existing vendors, etc?).

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