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Comment Re:Sometimes you want to use a computer you know.. (Score 1) 498

One of the more interesting ideas I've had in a while was that if I was ever hired by someone who wanted me to use a windows laptop. I would sell it and buy a mac. Just because I've spent far too much time fighting windows to ever want to see it again.

Like at the university I go to, it takes 2-3 minutes to log onto a new windows machine, while you can log into a linux machine in a matter of seconds

Comment A matter of economics (Score 1) 498

What can I say. I think this is a terrible idea.

I don't know about the US, but here in Europe the employer provides everything the the employee needs. A programmer with 3-5 years of university education really shouldn't spend their time trying to set up a secure backup solution. That should be the job of someone who doesn't know how to build an operating system from the ground up, or how to write an ip-stack or plan huge complex software solutions for managing more information a second than any human could read in a lifetime.

Seriously. Specialize. Someone should be great at setting up and maintaining computers, other should be great at programming assembly. Being great at something really does require continues dedication.

Any minute now they will want cops to buy their own guns. Teachers to buy their own books. Train operators buy their own trains :P and nuclear engineers to bring their own uranium to work.

Comment Re:10 Gbps? Really? (Score 1) 356

I didn't really think it would be a replacement for USB, Firewire and video (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI).

Essentially Intel is hoping that copper cables are nearing their peak transfer rates and won't be useful in 5-10 years for high throughput data. Normal rotational harddrives today can read at rates up to 100 mbps, and ssds can do 355. If speeds keep doubling USB 3.0 will be saturated in less than 4.5 years for hdd and 1.5 years for ssd. It took 8 years to release usb 3.0 after the release of 2.0.

The more interesting question is how this will affect the market for thumb drives and cell phone charging. Especially interesting is the question of power at all. If you read the wikipedia article on the subject there is some thought to bundling Light Peak with USB 3.0, or atleast it's power supply standards.

Comment Re:Why not pixel qi? (Score 1) 134

As "Anonymous Coward" points out the Pixel Qi screen is no real competitor to E-Ink screens because it still draws a lot of power with a static image. What "Anonymous Coward" does not mention is how long a computer would last with such a screen.

The iPad lasts for 10 hours straight, and i reckon atleast 50% of the power draw comes from the screen. Since a Pixel Qi screen draws only 1/4 of that power the iPad should last for 15.7 hours. Considering that those 10 hours are with wifi ON i reckon book reading would be closer to 20 hours.

Comment Re:RTFA (Score 5, Informative) 804

How interesting. That article reads very differently.

To sum up:
- 5 days of detention served at lunchtime and breaks
- School has banned hard candy and gum because of the mess
- Nutritional value is only applicable to food served by the school, not packed lunch
- Girl was given the candy by a friend who also got detention
- Candy was not actually consumed. It was confiscated.

Comment Friends and family (Score 4, Interesting) 441

Have you asked your friends and family. And families friends...and so on.

That's were most of the jobs are. Which is a bit sad.

And remember, don't take just any job. You have a degree and you've spent a lot of money on it. The salary of your new job should reflect this.In Norway for instance starting salary for an uneducated is about 280'000,- kr. The cost of 5 years of study is 333000 in loans. 20 years from now your education will have cost you 1'400'000 (5 years of lost income) + 999'000 in down payments = 2'399'000. So if you are planning on paying that down you need to make close to 400'000,- kr a year.

Comment Throttle the port. (Score 5, Informative) 403

You have to throttle the port the file sharing is running on. Probably 548 or/and 427. To throttle these ports you have to go into terminal and type this:

sudo ipfw pipe 1 config bw 15KByte/s
sudo ipfw add 1 pipe 1 src-port 548

To remove the throttling just type:
sudo ipfw delete 1

Source: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20080119112509736

Comment Re:Idea (Score 1) 404

Actually it's just statistics. By stopping with the antibiotics, the non-resistive bacteria would simply multiply and end up fighting over the same resources as the resistive bacteria. Thereby "forcing" through new and different mutations that benefit the new circumstances. This way the resistive gens would just dwindle away over time.

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