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Comment Re:Wha? (Score 1) 300

> My leaning is to cable APs to a few key locations and set up a wireless mesh to fill in the gaps.

I would highly recommend Meraki for this. they have one web interface to manage all your APs, they take care of firmware updates, and are pretty much designed for exactly this application. Oh, and they're perfect for mesh networks, and support POE.

Comment Re:mail (Score 2, Informative) 268

You, sir, have obviously never heard of nmh, or its predecessor MH. It's a suite of command line tools for email, and in 20 years of reading email, I've found nothing that yet comes close to the power and capabilities of reading and processing email with nmh. Being able to search for email from multiple folders using regexp and shell scripting just isn't as easy as on any GUI MUA I've ever seen, and because it is just a bunch of single-task binaries, it's very easy to build a GUI or even web-based front-end for it. The only thing that got me to switch from using it as my primary email was the gmail interface, and labels vs. folders. If not for that, i'd still be using it daily, and not cuz of the cool/smug factor, but simply because it works, and works well.

Comment Sometimes it depends on the domain... (Score 1) 1397

Since our former domain was, my brother and I started naming machines after birds. The plus side is that there's a great many bird names to use, and we can be somewhat descriptive (the tiny shuttle box is named finch, while the great massive ugly slow beast was named condor, and one machine that was resurrected from the dead was re-christened phoenix).

As for my desktops, the first was lazarus (now retired), followed by minerva and athena, and my laptop is dora. Still a theme, just a different one. (My iPod is hamadryad)

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