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Comment Relate the report to business goals (Score 1) 192

Work to build an understanding of senior management business objectives, work to align your scorecard to key business goals and initiatives and focus on performance against these in your report, senior management will be able to relate to your contribution and may start to see IT as a value partner in achieving business agility and industry leading performance instead of as a utility provider.

it might be tough to start with as you will be starting to report on their expert area and from time to time they will have a different perspective on success to you but if you declare what you are trying to do up front then you can likely buy the cooperation of a key business sponsor that can help you speak their language and make it work.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 301

You are clearly misinformed as regards the capability of (according to our Prime Minister), the worlds 4th most sigificant military power, this is ok as the output from the defence review was only yesterday.

To summarise

We no longer have enough ships to do anything useful, we cannot afford for them to carry missiles.

Anything in the future that might have been useful has been cancelled in favour of aircraft carriers with no planes (sorry, one might have 12, eventually), meanwhile our only current aircraft aircraft carrier is being mothballed and all its planes decommssioned.

We couldn't fight another Falklands if we wanted to as we no longer have the reach or the strength in our armed forces to do so...

Comment Controller Luddite Alert ! (Score 1) 251

I think this is just an example of someone who is exhibiting the natural human trait of 'resistance to change', we do however have an even stronger trait and that's the desire to evolve.

The first console I ever played with was an old Binatone machine, it played ping pong and had a light gun, the second was the Atari VCS, it had a joystick, this was better at doing somethings as it allowed you to move in more dimensions, I don't think it was any better at Tennis.

Thereafter, down the years I have used many controllers, I play a lot of PC games and have both an old fashioned Sidewinder for playing some sims (I loved the SW FF btw) and a Thrustmaster FCS for playing some sims more properly, both are great at sims but would be rubbish at Tennis.

The only console I own is a Wii, the Wiimote is great at Tennis and with the nunchuk and the Zelda Crossbow plastic extension it also makes a great gun. If you make a Wiimote look like a wheel with another bit of plastic then that works fine as well.

I'm not sure we'll ever see one true controller as I think the controller is part of the immersive gameplay experience so it needs to have a character that matches what you are trying to achieve, both in order to feel right and also in order to work well. The wiimote is good at achieving this as it's different sleeves allow it to very effectively bridge the gap between what it is and what you want it to be like for a particular game.

I'm afraid I've never really been into fighting games so can't empathise with the loss of being able to make your favourite combo, I did really like my MS FF though and I've not found anything which felt quite as good since for the purpose of flying helicopters in BF1942 so I guess that's kind of similar. It was rubbish at Tennis though.

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