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Comment No good apps (Score 1) 202

I used to use KDE, but I switched away when I realized that none of the apps I use are Qt-based. Let me know when I can use a Qt-based Chrome or Firefox, a Qt-based Vim, and when SWT/Qt is stable (with a Qt-based Eclipse release). Until then, I'll continue using Gnome. Plus they are really pushing Akonadi hard, and I don't want to run it. And so many bugs I have voted on the KDE bugtracker that never get fixed... It's really too bad. I love Qt as a toolkit.

Comment Re:A shame I won't be playing it. (Score 1) 187

I actually own a gun. Your analogy isn't quite right. Let's say you like to shoot competitively. Someone finds out that you've been cheating in order to get your trophies. Your trophies are taken away, and your gun is taken away, but you can to pay $60 to buy another gun. Losing the money is the risk you take when you cheat, I guess. It pays for Blizzard to keep things fair, though, so I am still all for it.

Comment Re:A shame I won't be playing it. (Score 1) 187

In my opinion, yes it does. It's a competitive game. There are many people, including me, who are proud of our "achievements." Someone cheating to get the same reward is grounds for banning. It's the same way in most things competitive... I'm not saying you should buy the game, but I'm saying I don't agree with your particular beef with Blizzard. I'm a customer, and I approve of what they're doing.

Comment unreliable (Score 1) 75

In order to make it through the day, do these Japanese rely on a bunch of people calling them? Somehow I don't think phonecalls are going to motivate a "sluggardly housewife" (from TFA) to do more housework. Also, where are the examples? This article is no good without examples.

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