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Comment To code or not to code.... (Score 1) 515

I was taught assembler (360);PL/1;Fortran/WAT4COBOL;RPG1 in College and picked up BASIC on my own.I won't agree that everyone should learn how to code, as I watched several classmates STRUGGLE at even the most basic routines (read/write). I found that one needs to have an aptitude for coding and a passion for it, otherwise it can be a very painful experience. If someone is curious and wants to learn more about it, by all means be supportive and encourage them, but to *force* someone to code, not to sure about the success rate of that method, IMHO

Comment why go into management? (Score 1) 312

the highly skilled engineer loves his job, the challenge that it gives him technically and the satisfaction of finding the solution and having it implemented. so go into management where it's all politics, meetings and knowing that those who were once your peers are now your staff. Who could resist such a plum job. I tried it once, never again I'd rather have a bottle in from of me that a frontal lobotomy.....

Comment Re:If you can work remotely... (Score 2) 455

That's right, use the FUD tactic, it's worked so well up until now..... That's why some of the major Companies are bringing their operations back *onshore*, all the time wasted fixing the work done be offshore hands, plus the language barriers. Once great way to piss your customers off is when they are already upset about your product/service not functioning properly is to make them talk to somebody they can't understand, do to a thick accent

Comment Re:No Porn! (Score 1) 469

Enough said.

Very true, the Porn industry has also set the standard for VHS and Beta Max. The masses will come, if there is something they want. When Porn became more readily available due to higher transmission speeds (faster modems), then more users flocked to it. Sex sells.

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