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Submission + - How to deal with blog thieves? 3

mminella writes: It was recently brought to my attention that some of my blog posts are being copied by other people's blogs. Letter for letter, even linking to the images on my server. What does the community recommend as a way to address this? I know there are things I could do with the image with regards to redirects, but beyond that. Any course of action recommendations? Thanks!

Palm Pre Reviewed 144

mlingojones writes "The Palm Pre doesn't come out until June 6th, but the Boy Genius Report not only got their hands on one but also posted a review of it. They liked webOS, but not the hardware (especially the keyboard). Overall, they feel that 'once people are able to play a real unit themselves, there will be more than a lot of happy Palm Pre customers.'" On the downside, this review says the keyboard is lousy.

Submission + - PSP v2 - One Gamers Request

Joan Cross writes: The PSP is a great console but with a few tweaks for a Version 2 of the Console it could easily take on and surpass the DS Lite, The article discusses 8 features to be upgraded or added to the PSP to make it the killer handheld console. Improvements requested are longer battery life, hard drive/ support for 16Gb Mem cards, TVout, Touch screen, removable faceplate and even a phone built in.

Submission + - Indie Record Label Closes Doors Due To Piracy

NiTr|c writes: "Dependent Records, a German independent label home to some wonderful electro / industrial artists, is closing its doors in the summer of 2007. Their reason, as stated by one of the founding members, is music piracy. From his essay... "In the end, we are not closing our doors because of the existence of pirate websites, but because there are simply too many people who enjoy our bands and their songs who do not wish to pay for them, despite the fact that we reduced the sale price of our albums considerably two years ago. Consider this example: if 60% of the audience at a concert gained entry with forged tickets, the promoter, the band, the concert agency, and the venue would all be broke in a matter of weeks. We have lived for years now with the reality that much of our music is stolen, not purchased, and we have frankly had enough of it."
So long Dependent, you'll be missed."

Submission + - Open Source Uses for Extra Bandwidth?

yourexhalekiss writes: "I recently signed up for a website hosting plan from a relatively well-known host. After about a month or so of use, I've discovered that I'm using approximately 0.5 gigabyte of bandwidth per month, or 0.5% of my total monthly allowance. Are there open source projects out there that could benefit from my donated bandwidth? I know everyone needs mirrors for one thing or another, but how do I know who needs content mirrored, and what's the best way to get in touch with them? Is there some sort of online clearinghouse for donated bandwidth, or open source projects that rely on donated bandwidth to operate?"

Submission + - Your Own PC to forecast future Weather

Anonymous Coward writes: "A computer model of climate run on home PCs in conjunction with the BBC has yielded its first results. About 250,000 people downloaded software from onto their home computers, each running a single simulation of the future. The results suggest the UK could be about 3C warmer than now in 75 years' time, agreeing with other models. Each downloaded a software pack from which ran when their computer was otherwise idle, with results being fed back to the central server. Each simulation required about three months of computing time on an average PC!"

Submission + - UK Vista Pricing Discrepancies

jedigeek writes: Vista prices in the UK unexpectedly doubles the US retail price, and since this isn't generally the case with other products (such as Apple's Tiger upgrade), a disgruntled Brit contacted Microsoft UK customer services to enquire why. In the response he got, he discovered that the prices are double due to 'EU legislation.' Despite this, he was told that Vista can be ordered from the US and installed on machines in the UK, therefore saving half the cost!

Will you be ordering your copy of Vista from the US, or paying the inappropriate tiny-island tax?

Submission + - Do (legally and/or morally) NDA expire?

An anonymous reader writes: I just found in eBay a prototype of a VGA card that never made it to the market (a Pyramid 3-D, the father of the Glaze 3-D which also didn't make it). Assuming there was originally a NDA, and assuming it doesn't have a specific expiration date, is there a moral date? Is it legal to sell prototypes of things, even after it's clear that they will never be commercially viable?

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