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Comment Not the end (Score 1) 188

People think laying off means the end while it doesn't. When big companies lay off early and in what seems out of the blue simply means the math is better. Nowadays I just think big gaming companies hire and layoff whenever they see fit. Even to save for a couple of idle months salaries during the holidays... sad really, considering the increasing percentage of kids studing to be game programmers.

Comment Re:I am a high-level autist (Score 2) 163

I think I have the same kind of autism myself. I used to believe this was a gift that made me different in a good way but I didn't know of my condition. Now that I have a son with the same behavior as me, not only have I discovered the cause but I have learned a lot about myself and the "other" disadvantages, the ones you don't seem to have discovered yet, judging from your post. The main disadvantage is the difficulty for your parents to raise you. You see, you lack the ability to give back what you probably think of "meaningless, pretentious, excessive sentiment", in other words love. You feel love, I know this now, but you don't express it, along with several responses to other feelings. Unfortunately, this confuses neurotypical people AND autistics, including your mother, who has spend her whole life wondering why her son isn't happy. If there was a diet that helped my son give my wife more love, I would try it, first myself, then him.

Comment Re:Financial trickery (Score 2) 161

Hmm it seems Brasil needs to upgrade their Corruption v1.1 software to USA's model, Corruption v2.0. It's funny that so few people spot the trick... and so much more want into the deal when they find out about it. It so seems that the only solution for mankind is in evolution, a new breed of mankind that is lacking the ability to lie and cheat their way to success. Thankfully this is already happening, with statistics showing a new generation of humans with Aspergers syndrome and similar disorders on the rise, people that make decisions using common sense and logic. This is of course debatable and fictionary but that's all hope I have left for humanity.

Comment best of both worlds (Score 1) 342

I sell drupal sites for fast deployment for less, while I make my own projects on my own time using various text editors like notepad+. So as a hobby, your son should keep doing what he does. But as a job, customers usually want everything they see on every other site: login system, blog, forum, image uploads, file uploads, statistics, email notifications, captcha, twitter facebook integration, comments, site administrators, wysiwyg editors, ajax, browser compatibility, sql injection proofing, etc.. and they want it all working like a charm like tomorrow!!! Anyway, my final advice would be not to teach him computing at all, it's a dead end, cheap job, only to be seen as a hobby.

Comment I don't understand the debate here (Score 1) 575

It might be because it's early in the morning here while you've been debating all night but it seems quite simple from my early morning clear mind. The main limitations about the tablet are the touch screen and the software. I hope I don't need to explain to slatdotters attaching a keyboard solves the first and making better software the latter. Bill Gates just needs some sleep... jetlag

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