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Submission + - SA pigeon 'faster than broadband' (

goldfishbrains writes: "BBC is covering further advances in RFC2549. From the story : 'A Durban IT company pitted an 11-month-old bird armed with a 4GB memory stick against the ADSL service from the country's biggest web firm, Telkom. Winston the pigeon took two hours to carry the data 60 miles — in the same time the ADSL had sent 4% of the data.'"

Comment Not for creation (Score -1) 154

but I might use it to read an attachment. I'm constantly getting attachments in emails: if I'm only on my mobile, and the attachment is a PDF, I can read it in Acrobat. If it's a Word or Powerpoint, I have to switch the laptop on (if I have it with me). Actually, I could imaging proofing a .doc and making minor changes while travelling on one of the newer phones (like N97) that has a slide out keyboard and a decent size screen - as long as all the menus hide when not needed.

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As others have said, it is common throughout Europe. In Jan2008, The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) went live, meaning all participating players (all major banks) use the same clearing process, whether for Credits(manual payments) or Direct Debits. The aim is to have all institutions migrated by 2010. Some more info at and

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