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Submission + - Can we DMCA the NSA? ( 1

goldcd writes: The Register has a story indicating that as well as slurping a lot of data they shouldn't have, the NSA also seems to have lifted their Prism logo without giving credit to the author.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Telltale have their paws on the Monkey Island (

goldcd writes: "Just received an email from Telltale that has made my heart skip a beat. Whether this is love, or a coronary-attack has yet to be seen — but they've wrestled my favourite franchise ever from Lucasarts (last seem pissing on the corpse) and it's coming back!
Jury's out, but Sam and Max, through ups and downs, definitely had no shortage of love applied. If they can do the same for Guybrush, I'll be a happy man (although if the score isn't MI2 as heard through an MT32 I'll be taking names)."


Submission + - Best way of making your code a successful OSS proj (

goldcd writes: "This is probably under the wrong heading — but I couldn't find an appropriate one.
My situation is that a while back I wrote some pretty reasonable forum code. Backstory is I used to be a member of the forum, had a tiff and decided I could do better myself — so cloned and improved their functionality and created (no this isn't a plug — so please don't /. my server).
A few years down the line it's pretty stable, I've stopped tinkering with it and it's standing up by itself. I have neither the time, inclination or inspiration to do anything more with it, but would very much like to give the code to the world to use and expand upon. Basically I want to give my code to the OSS world.
Now I could just upload it as it is onto sourceforge, but currently it's very specific in it's usage and I'd be ashamed of what 'proper' coders would think of my amateur offering.
My question is, what do you have to do to make your code 'OSS appealing'? I want people to look at it, be inspired and carry on developing. I have a horrible feeling if I just uploaded my current source it'd be laughed at and ignored. On the other hand I don't just want to waste hours of my own time perfecting it for people just to 'rip off' as is — and never contribute anything.
I want to give the world a PHPBB alternative and want the world to accept it. What do I need to do before releasing my baby? Feel free to edit subject/summary. Just want an answer and sure there must be many many people in the same situation."


Submission + - PS3 misery exploited by Nintendo.

goldcd writes: "I've been following the 360 vs PS3 vs Wii online debate for a while and gathered the impression that 360 was here, PS3 would/wouldn't take the crown — and that Nintendo would be on our side with a low priced console, and gamer friendly features such as a lack of region restriction. PS3 has taken a kicking and we seem to have cultered a 360&Wii brotherhood. Now ninty seems to be changing their previous statements. Wii will come with region locks.
I just feel that maybe we've given our childhood favourite too much slack — they don't seem to feel they owe us (by us, I mean me, a UK nintendo lover) and maybe it's time we gave them what they deserved — of course their console is cheap and available — it's basically what we bought last time, with the DVD, network, graphics that the competition gave us last time around and Nintendo didn't."

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