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Comment Re:God damn it, just PICK A FUCKING LANGUAGE ALREA (Score 1) 172

So essentially, You are saying that a browser will become a platform to distribute binaries?

This has been the case for a very long time. If anything, I would argue the only reason why we've had JavaScript for so long is that there really haven't been other languages worth replacing it with until recently. Now, it is really feasible to use your server-side language as your client-side one as well.

Comment Re:I worked for a print shop (Score 1) 141

JetBrains charges for updates, and it seems to have worked for them so far. Plenty of don't mind the $50/year to get updates and make sure the software still works. The subscription model isn't nearly as profitable as one would think, especially since old customers get to keep their software and buy 1 more year's worth of updates. If anything, raising the price and allowing for perpetual licenses would have been better.

Comment Re:Social mobility was killed, but not this way (Score 1) 1032

Any degree worth getting can easily repay itself.

This is not always true. I graduated with a BS in CS from a decent state school, went for Database Administration. Education was thorough, covered basically everything technical for Database, Information Security, literally assembling a computer, project management, and basic programming. Graduated during a bad period for employment and have never been able to land a database job. I live in a fairly large city and barriers to gainful employment exist and are numerous.

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