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Comment Re:They haven't activated anything (Score 1) 282

They have "activated" SWF verification, while I can't see that mentioned in TFA it doesn't change the fact you're wrong. To quote the author of get_iplayer (linuxcentre forum, 19th Feb) "Seems that the BBC have switched on SWF Verification on their CDN's servers. Seems not to be a big problem at the moment as you say though. flvstreamer does not support that - only rtmpdump supports this AFAIK."

The main software problem with this is that get_iplayer uses flvstreamer and the "new" change meant that flvstreamer chocked with "no crypto" errors. I think it was possible to get a show by setting the retries right up so that it grabs a short chunk of the file before it fails, then resume and repeat. There was also a set of instructions posted elsewhere that allowed you to reconfigure get_iplayer to use rtmpdump which resolved the issue completely but wasn't a "supported" option.

The main practical problem is that the author has abandoned the software and the current main fork has been abandoned in favor of a complete rewrite (Prometheus). The main fundamental problem is the BBC seems intent on screwing over the people who pay the bills, the UK license fee payers, with DRM for no real gain.

Comment Re:Sounds like someone who's never traveled (Score 1) 727

How much do you pay for an eye test? Because once you've got the prescription, you can just have your glasses made to spec anywhere. In the UK, there are stores that specialise in lost cost glasses, or you can just by them online from someone like goggles4u. Hardly expensive stuff unless you're having variofocal photochromic lenses in Osiris frames... Also in the UK, you get free eye tests for a lot of people (including unemployed and low income) and they're not particularly expensive privately (and you may be able to get your employer to pay.) Depending on your circumstances, you can also claim vouchers to cover part or all of the cost of your glasses. As much as we bitch about it (because what government agency or indeed private company couldn't be improved?) the NHS is frickin' awesome. It's beyond comprehension how America puts up with it's broken system. :( *hugs from across the pond*

Comment Re:same as the PC (Score 1) 389

Back in the day, you could do. I was tutored in one of the Quakes (Q3a I think? Might have been Q2) by a friend who was on a Dreamcast while I was on a PC. There was a specific official patch level I needed to be on, but it worked fine.

He was a Q2 national champion or something, it was really helpful, although whenever we stopped for a break and have some combat, he'd pwn me like a n00b.

Comment Have you looked at Swyx? (Score 1) 91 is a fantastic product, the graphical scripting editor is amazing, get a good reseller and you'll have top notch support and you might well find the TCO is lower than for alternative systems like Asterix. If you give Swyx a call, they can probably recommend you a good reseller. (Full disclosure: I work for a UK-based Swyx reseller)

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