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Comment Re:And the purpose is? (Score 1) 70

IIRC MH370 had all this stuff already, and it was knocked out by power failures. Malaysian would be better off IMO by getting a really good backup power system so the existing systems survive a future MH370-esque event.

The most likely scenario is that the murderous, suicidal pilot shut the tracking off deliberately so that the plane could not be found. The authorities found practice runs of his flight path on his flight simulator at home.

Comment Re:Okay. (Score 1) 325

You can't from your ISP.

VPN. Conversely, that'd also protect you reasonably from Google.

But then the VPN admins have access to all your browsing..

Yes, but they're selling privacy, often with promises of no logging, so they have a lot more to lose if they are found to be selling you out. Also they are often situated in a different country (if you choose wisely) and have options for anonymous payment methods if you want to go that far.

There are extra degrees of separation that makes the information less usable to any advertiser or government.

Comment Re:Is this news going to bring them more business (Score 2) 164

If you have nothing to hide, why should it matter either way?

"If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him." - Cardinal Richelieu (supposedly)

More to the point, if you're taking your machine to be fixed because it was compromised, doesn't that make it just ever so slightly more likely that the child porn on it wasn't your doing?

And if they get $500 for every instance of kiddie porn they claim to find, that sounds like an incentive to me.

Comment Re:Because Aus power doesn't care about cost (Score 1) 270

why isn't the grid using Diesel and doing it cheaper?

Because Australian politicians deemed the most crucial thing for the power companies to do, was to use green sources of energy.

Even if it can't meet demand.

The government privatized the electrical system for the most money it could get to fix its budget woes, and in return gave the private power companies an almost unlimited rape, loot and pillage license to raise power prices.

Comment Re:PasswordSafe (Score 1) 415

Second, forget about it all you people with your **genius** schemes for generating unique 8-11 character passwords. Congratulations, you've just been hacked. Look up rainbow tables, people!

If you have upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols then each character is one from a set of 80, so a random 8-character password from this set contains 50 bits of entropy (2^50 possible combinations). To store all such passwords in a rainbow table would require 2^54 bytes (8 petabytes) of storage. I doubt that most hackers have that much space.

A case insensitive 8-character password, in contrast, has just under 38 bits of entropy, so it is quite feasible to compute a rainbow table. Mixing cases alone takes this up to 45 bits, which means that you'll need around half a petabyte for the rainbow table.

If you're using a salted hash to store the password, then the rainbow table needs to be computed for each salt (and if you're sensible, you'll use a different salt for each password, so you need a different rainbow table per password, not per password db). You're better off brute forcing it than storing the rainbow table. A modern GPU can manage about 20,000,000,000 hashes per second, so can search a 34-bit key space per second. 45 bit of entropy gives you a search space that takes about half an hour of GPU time. 50 bits gives you 18 hours. An 11-character password will give you 69 bits of entropy (and a rainbow table that most filesystems can't store, though ZFS can if you can afford enough disks), and will take about 1,000 years to brute force with a single GPU (though with 10,000 GPUs you can do it in a reasonable amount of time). A 10-character password gives you 63 bits, which takes about 17 GPU years to crack and is still probably beyond the capabilities of anyone other than a nation-state adversary.

Damn straight, and no one has mentioned password stretching schemes such as PBKDF2, bCrypt, and sCrypt which further complicate the cracker's task by thousands of times, if not more.

Comment Re: Excellent (Score 1) 218

No they fucking aren't. I can get a ride with uber at half the price or less.

Those rides are subsidized by venture capital money. They're not profitable in how they are operating. They've lost billions of dollars. Enjoy your half-price rides while you can. Once they succeed at starving off the taxi industry, they expect to hold a monopoly over the transportation service market, at which point you will pay way higher fees. Somebody will have to compensate these venture capitalists for all the billions they've lost so far. Sounds like you are their intended target.

And of course both Uber and Lyft are working on autonomous self-driving cars so that they can shaft their human drivers as soon as the tech becomes available, possibly in about 5 years.

Comment Re:So what. (Score 2) 316

I will buy physical goods that I truly do own.

But the only thing you actually own is the physical disc, the content of that disc is licensed to you, you don't own it. So it's no different to the "ownership of digital goods", if you think it is then you simply do not understand it. Those "digital goods" (that are licensed to you) are stored on the storage device that you own (your hard drive) just as the "digital goods" (that are licensed to you) are stored on the physical disc that you own in the case of a DVD. The difference being that if the physical storage medium fails then if it's something I purchased online rather than physicall I can just re-download it.

More to the point,the publishers can't suddenly just delete it from the online library at a whim because of a licensing dispute, like when about one third of Netflix's offerings has disappeared over the last couple of years.

Comment Re:break safety? (Score 1) 114

I thought the point of automobile glass was to shatter. Would you rather go through a windshield than bounce off it? I'm thinking go through might be safer, as the shattering glass absorbs some of the energy. What do the physicists say?

You're supposed to be wearing a seat belt, in which case your body doesn't go anywhere near the windshield.

Comment Re:The Tesla is psychic - it knows when all accide (Score 3, Insightful) 186

Musk picks terms to make things sound more impressive than they may actually be. I have seen accidents about to happen and avoided them many times in my many years driving, as I'm sure most of us have. In none of those cases did we go around saying we 'predicted' those accidents. We say we 'detected and avoided' them. .

Yes but it detected the braking of the car ahead of the car in front, which didn't seem to brake at all until the crash. From the video the braking car was barely visible. That's pretty impressive.

Comment Re:They will never learn (Score 1) 254

Easy, engineers are morons. They don't think about what PEOPLE need or want

You obviously aren't an engineer. Nor do you know many. Most engineers don't decide the features and performance requirements of the product. Either management or the customer does.

So the people writing the specs are morons. If someone gives you a recipe for a turd sandwich, you're going to make them a turd sandwich---or else you'll get fired for not doing your job.

Maybe you can ask them if they want lettuce or tomato on their turd sandwich. Maybe you can tell them that they have to choose between toasted and untoasted bread (because it's impossible to have both). But, in the end, if the spec is a turd sandwich then that's what you deliver.

I'm sure any programmer with an ounce of sense realized the implications of automatic updates and always-on telemetry. And most of them would never put that crap into the spec if they had any say in the matter. But they don't get a say. So enjoy your turd sandwich.

I don't know about you but I ordered a Giant Douche and instead got this Turd Sandwich... I'm outraged!

That kinds of sums up US federal elections.

Comment Re:the more guns you have, the more likely you are (Score 1) 212

whitetrash gun nut

You might be interested to know that there's a funny name for you too: "Victim."

Oddly, statistics show the opposite: the more guns you have, the more likely you are to die by being shot. Most of that, of course, is suicide-- having guns around turns a brief bad moment into a permanent problem for somebody else-- but even subtracting that, gun owners are more likely to be victims than non gun owners. (the non-gun owners are likely to back away from a confrontation. The gun owners are somewhat more likely to walk into one. But "Whitetrash gun nuts" and "victims" are overlapping categories.

An Australian study after the big gun ban showed that even having a gun in the house was associated with a higher incidence of suicide, even if the gun wasn't the method used. Something about the psychology of gun owners or the environment in which they're living?

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