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Submission + - Marine Vs Hilary Clinton Mishandling Classified Information (guns.com)

godatum writes: This Marine only sent one email and now is pending separation from the Marines. How many emails did Hilary send?
From Article: "Maj. Jason Brezler, a Marine Corps Reservist, who has served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and has some 16 years in uniform came under fire for mishandling classified information in 2012."

Marine seeks appeal of classified data case citing breaks given to Hillary

Submission + - Google Testing AI System To Cool Data Center Energy Bills

An anonymous reader writes: Google is looking at artificial intelligence technology to help it identify opportunities for data center energy savings. The company is approaching the end of an initial 2-year trial of the machine learning tool, and hopes to see it applied across the entire data center portfolio by the end of 2016. The new AI software, which is being developed at Google’s DeepMind, has already helped to cut energy use for cooling by 40%, and to improve overall data center efficiency by 15%. DeepMind said that the program has been an enormous help in analyzing data center efficiency, from looking at energy used for cooling and air temperature to pressure and humidity. The team now hopes to expand the system to understand other infrastructure challenges, in the data center and beyond, including improving power plant conversion, reducing semiconductor manufacturing energy, water usage, and helping manufacturers increase throughput.

Submission + - Major US Carriers Open Free Calls And Texts To Brussels (androidheadlines.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Following the attacks at Brussels International Airport and the Maelbeek Subway Station in Brussels, Belgium earlier this morning, all four major U.S. carriers have announced that they will be offering their customers the opportunity to make free calls to Brussels, as a means of letting customers keep in contact with friends and loved ones who live or are traveling within the city, a gesture which both Verizon and Sprint offered to customers last year following the attacks in Paris, France. As the city of Brussels begins and continues to mourn in the wake of the attacks, Sprint, T-Mobile, ATT, and Verizon Wireless will all offer free calls and texts to Brussels from the U.S., beginning today and lasting throughout the next few days to a week.

Submission + - World-First Remote Air Traffic Control System Lands in Sweden (gizmag.com)

Zothecula writes: Small airports are often in a no-win situation. They don't have much traffic because they don't have an adequate tower system, and they don't have an adequate tower system because they don't have much traffic. That could be about to change, with the opening of the world's first remotely operated air-traffic control system in Sweden. Thanks to the Remote Tower Services (RTS) system, the first plane landed last week at Örnsköldsvik Airport, but it was controlled from the LFV Remote Tower Centre 123 km (76 mi) away in Sundsvall.

Comment Re:I cheat (Score 1) 394

Same here, no Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter (I call it Twatter). I believe that if an employer wants to see an online presence, build a professional webpage yourself. I would think an employer would be more impressed with that then posting BS on Facebook. I also get feedback from Facebook from my wife. It works out pretty well, if something is truly worth talking about, I'll hear it from her. She has become my social media filter over the years.

Submission + - TrueCrypt doesn't contain NSA backdoors concludes security audit (betanews.com)

Mark Wilson writes: A security audit of TrueCrypt has determined that the disk encryption software does not contain any backdoors that could be used by the NSA or other surveillance agencies. A report prepared by the NCC Group for Open Crypto Audit Project found that the encryption tool is not vulnerable to being compromised.

However, the software was found to contain a few other security vulnerabilities, including one relating to the use of the Windows API to generate random numbers for master encryption key material. Despite this, TrueCrypt was given a relatively clean bill of health with none of the detected vulnerabilities considered sever enough to lead "to a complete bypass of confidentiality in common usage scenarios".


Submission + - Washington Post: We Were Also Hacked by the Chinese (washingtonpost.com)

tsu doh nimh writes: A sophisticated cyberattack targeted The Washington Post in an operation that resembled intrusions against other major American news organizations and that company officials suspect was the work of Chinese hackers, the publication acknowledged on Friday. The disclosure came just hours after a former Post employee shared information about the break-in with ex-Postie reporter Brian Krebs, and caps a week marked by similar stories from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Krebs cites a former Post tech worker saying that the publication gave one of its hacked servers to the National Security Agency for analysis, a claim that the Post's leadership denies. The story also notes that the Post relied on software from Symantec, the same security software that failed to detect intrusions at The New York Times for many months.

Submission + - Details of Google's Project Glass revealed in FCC report (bbc.co.uk)

Flozzin writes: New details of Google's forthcoming augmented reality headset have emerged in documents published by a US regulator.
A test report describes video playing on the device alongside audio running to a "vibrating element". The description tallies with a patent filing suggesting it plays sound via "bone-conduction" tech rather than earbuds. Developers are due to receive a test edition of the headset later this year.

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