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Comment Re:Censorship, sorry "classification" board is use (Score 1) 156

And so they should be toothless, the fucktards. Better a 15 year old be able to buy something he shouldn't than an entire population not be able to buy something that they should. Censorship of retail media is completely irrelevant in the internet era, why even bother?

You describe the situation for the former A-G as terrible - it's only terrible for him. No-one else gives a fuck as it doesn't matter any more.

Comment Re:Bad summary (Score 1) 412

I suspect it's also got a lot to do with retailers getting SFA margin on any apple product. Have you ever asked why the actual sell price on any apple product in AU is really close to the apple store price? Accessories are the only way a retailer can make anything selling apple gear. Maybe this is what the ACCC should be looking into...
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Visa offers "virtual" credit cards - no pl (

BaconFloss writes: "Credit giant Visa has unveiled a new super-secure credit card for online shopping: it's merely a card number and expiry date on a piece of paper which expires once you've used up the prepaid amount. There's no plastic involved. It works much like a mobile phone prepaid recharge voucher, except that the virtual card number is printed out on the docket. Clearly it's relatively secure compared to a rolling credit account, but is it also a tacit admission that the card companies have failed to actually make credit cards adequately secure in the high fraud environment we live in today?"

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