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Comment Re:Unsurprising... (Score 1) 189

True Mate. I bought Acer Travelmate laptop about one and half year ago with prize money that I won in one of the open source programming scholarship ( I was an engineering student those days and in India I paid around 50,000 rupees or around 1200 dollors ). It was such an awful thing, I had to take it to their service center regularly ( rest of the gripping story can be read here ). About 4 to 5 months ago it died. Their service was worst and laptop was one odd junk ( so much for my first laptop ). Just avoid Acer laptops please.

Submission + - Acrobat Reader8.1 released for Linux ( 1

gnufied writes: "Adobe released Adobe Reader 8.1 for *nix platforms after some good 4 months from release on Windows platform. You can download it here .

Although their work is commendable, but its not clear what policy Adobe is following when it comes to GNU/Linux as a desktop platform. Can we ask Adobe, why it was delayed by 4 months and why PhotoShop et.el is not yet available on free operating systems? Now that Apple has become new Microsoft with more control over data and media, that was ever seen previously, its going to be tough for people who want freedom and choice.And whats really sad is its adored by many of our heroes (,

Without support from Vendors like Adobe, GNU/Linux will be hard pressed to become a desktop alternative(although its for me since last 4 years). This also brings the question that, "does proliferation of non-free software on a free operating system, misses the whole point?". In other words, "Will you be using Adobe Reader on GNU/Linux and not feel DIRTY?".

Also, does availability of non-free and may be somewhat superior solutions on GNU/Linux platform will slow down the momentum behind alternative free softwares. Will it affect, softwares like,,"

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