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Comment No hole in fuselage (Score 1) 809

Actually, your link says "The bomb tore out a two square foot portion of the cabin floor, revealing the cargo hold underneath, but the fuselage of the plane stayed intact." However, the article does speculate that it might have blown a hole in the fuselage if it had exploded in a different way.

Submission + - Nmap 5.00 Released! (nmap.org)

iago-vL writes: "The long-awaited Nmap Security Scanner version 5.00 was just released (download)! This marks the most important release since 1997, and is a huge step in Nmap's evolution from a simple port scanner to an all-around security and networking tool suite. Significant performance improvements were made, and dozens of scripts were added. For example, Nmap can now log into Windows and perform local checks (PDF), including Conficker detection. New tools included in 5.00 are Ncat, a modern reimplementation of Netcat (with IPv6, SSL, NAT traversal, port redirection, and more!), and Ndiff, for quickly comparing scan results. Other tools are in the works for future releases, but we're still waiting for them to add email and ftp clients so we can finally get off Emacs!"

Comment Re:Ethically valid (Score 0, Flamebait) 416

She was _on_stage_ with CNet and an audience at a press conference/interview. There's no reasonable grounds for her to expect any sort of privacy in this context.

True, but the perpetrators violated her reasonable expectation not to be attacked by flying penises in that context. I think this case is just silly, but the issue does come up with regard to more serious crimes. If a criminal films the rape of his victims, should newscasts be allowed to show it? Should pornographers be allowed to compile DVDs of such videos and sell them? If US soldiers strip and humiliate Iraqi detainees and take pictures/videos, should those be disseminated? Should they be edited to hide the genitals or maybe the faces?

I'm not arguing either way here, just noting similar (but obviously much more extreme) examples.

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