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Comment Essential information (Score 1) 1095

If you're travelling to London you ought to know about these:

It's also useful to know that each post code (zip code) is allocated to a small group of houses (say ten-ish) within the same street.
That's accurate enough to navigate using just the house number and post code. So if you wanted directions from, say, the British Museum (WC1B 3DG) to Buckingham Palace (SW1A 1AA) you'd google this: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=WC1B 3DG to SW1A 1AA

Get yourself a London A-Z (Zed ;) - most of the time dead tree maps still beat electronic (and there's no cellphone reception on the Underground).

Get yourself an Oyster Card. It's a significantly cheaper way to travel.
You don't have to register it if perhaps you're sensitive about personal privacy (just remember you're constantly under CCTV surveillance).

CCTV cameras will watch you everywhere Unless you happen to be the victim of a crime, in which case the cameras will be "switched off" or "pointing the other way".

Mobile data is pretty cheap (assuming you have a compatible phone) - pick up a Three or T-Mobile sim at the airport.

Lastly, no geek can be without their coffee fix: try Monmouth Coffee, Flat White or Cafe Amato.

Comment Re:Misleading headline (Score 1) 227

And indeed, if all you need is large amounts of cheap storage, then an adapter with port multiplier support, like a SiI3132, and two SiI3726s will let you attach up to ten drives per PCIe port.

A decent solution for all that storage you're going to need to backup all that other storage.
(Since, after all, a backup is way more important than availability for that porn collection, right?)

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