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Submission + - A new Google reality? (

gmyuriy writes: Not being a user of modern smartphones for a while, I recently finally moved to one. A Google account is required for using many of the features on the phone, so I entered one. Not until my contact list suddenly pulled all the info and the pictures of my friends on gmail, however, that the freakishness of the new Google reality descended on me... Imagine now that your government new about you what you are doing at any time, who your friends are, who you are talking to, what you are reading, what you are interested in, what you are planning to do, when and where, in addition to knowing at every moment of time where you are located, holding all your personal emails, address books, documents, calendars... How would you feel about that? Now how about when all of that is in the hands of a private corporation? Is it just me or it is a little bit freakish?

Submission + - solution for online information overflow (

gmyuriy writes: "Too many replies to your questions? Too little attention on the forums? Swamped with news, emails and messages? Evion is a new online service claiming to offer a solution for the information overflow problem tightening its grip on the online communities worldwide. The idea behind Evion is quite simple: if you need to say something, say it to those who need to hear; if you need to ask something, ask it to those who can answer. In other words, if you send a message to Evion, it doesn't go to everybody else. Instead, Evion automatically tries to find respondents whose interests match best the topic of the message, and then asks few of them for a review. Respondents, who agree, may write a common answer using a special wiki. In a sense, Evion is intended to be to current online solutions (blogs, news websites, forums, chats) what P2P distributed file sharing became to centralized ftp storages. Read more at"

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