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Comment Re:What break? (Score 1) 300

What a bunch of whining, iHating bulshit artists. Everyone else comes out with shit that no one buys - because it's shit - and all you can do is make excuses for bad products and eschew Apple for getting it right.

Thank goodness the market doesn't listen to tech-starved crybabies like you. Damn shame and embarrassment to the real tech-savvy folks that try to make technology accessible the masses.

Jerk-offs like you clowns just want to keep it exclusive for some twisted belief of self-importance.

How many times must the market constantly prove you guys wrong before you realize it's not Apple that's the enemy but your own ignorance and the sheer stupidity of Apple's competitors for not having a clue what the consumer wants?

Comment Re:Real experience (Score 0) 200

And as great as your results are, enjoy the money savings while you can. Fuel taxes is what maintains the roads and highways.

Essentially, I'm subsidizing you. One way or another Uncle Sam will eventually end the free-ride that electric/hybrid owners have and come up with some kind of beauracracy that will tax you to pay your fair share of "road tax".

Comment It's not the programmers fault! (Score 0) 470

Don't necessarily blame the programmers. Just as much responsibility falls on management for failing to delegate the proper areas to the proper people. Just because programmers have to know a lot about computers, management will think they will save money by having those same people do design work that should go to a design department.

I've lost track how many times other departments come to me(us) regarding a re-design of a web page. Sounding like a broken record, we are constantly telling them to "Talk to graphics design, we only work on back-end stuff". Time and time again this occurs. It's very frustrating. Then when schedules fall behind, we get blamed for not getting the design done, even though it was never our job to do it.

Programmers design code. Cut them some slack.

Comment Re:We are getting one (Score -1) 381

And precisely how do you know what Amazon's Fire does? It's still not officially out yet and of those that have tried it, its deficiencies are beginning to show.

Two types of consumers will buy the Fire. Those focused strictly on price, and iHaters.

The price folks will think it's "just like an iPad" and realize after the return-period has expired that it is nothing like how they advertised it (like most electronics) and while some may find use for it as a glorified e-reader, most will end up gathering dust in some desk drawer.

iHaters will buy it and attempt to root it because they don't care about the Amazon experience. They just want to get a cheap(er) Android tablet. These folks are few and far between so after consumer demand falls after the novelty wears off, this group of people will not be enough to sustain it and it will get discontinued.

This is of course just a guess, but history so far seems to indicate another has-been.

Comment Re:which patents? (Score 2) 331

Typical fandroid responses. "Been available on Android for long".... Kind of like how the android community preached the XOOM in all its multi-core, NVidia GPU glory, and it could not even outperform a 1-year-old single-core iPad. Apple gets the hardware and software working together like a swiss watch. It's the same tired responses from tech-heads that they refuse to accept. Android slaps together a bunch of half-baked solutions, supporters say "see!! we did it first", and cringes when iOS does the same thing, except it actually works and makes it simple for the joe-consumer to use.

What's even more sad about these whiners is that they think consumers really give a rat's-ass what's under the hood of their phone. I've had both iOS and Android phones. Android is great for tinkerers and tech-heads that want absolute control over their devices. Everyone else (where the money is at) just want a toaster, and a darn-good toaster. And the /. dickheads here simply label those folks as too stupid to deserve using a smartphone if they are unable (or have no desire) to root their phone. Pathetic.

That's why the iPhone is the single best selling (and most profitable) individual smartphone out there. Because it works well.

They want to continue to behave childishly by calling me a fanboy, it's because I have better things to do with my time and life than to live in a basement and manage phone resources and overclock phone CPU's.

Comment Re:which patents? (Score -1, Flamebait) 331

"relatively minor hardware upgrades"?? Did you even know what they did under the hood? The iP4 design is already a huge hit with consumers - much to the dismay of fantards everywhere. They ran with that design (which makes case manufacturers happy) and put in the iPad2 A5 chip which still outperforms anything the competitors have, GPU performance 7-9 times faster than the already-impressive iP4, the nicest camera yet, and with iOS5 this is is a solid update for a phone.

"minor hardware upgrades".... wutever..

Comment Re:Yawn! Who cares? (Score 2) 392

Nonsense... this just shows your cluelessness. If you want a stock that does nothing but go up, then I have stock in Unicorn Inc. I'll sell you.

Fact: AAPL has been consistently going up for ages now. They have a great lineup now, and for the foreseeable future. They have a ridiculous amount of cash on hand, and time-and-time again the bitching of /.'rs preaching the "Apple is doomed" mantra has been proven wrong.

So it goes down 3%. BFD! Considering how high my AAPL holdings have gone up since I bought a bunch more - during the 2008 meltdown - ignoring the whining and bitching from folks like you about wasting my money, I am quite happy with the current level and after phantards like you finish your weekly anti-apple propaganda, the stock will continue to lead the industry. Continue ranting, I'll continue cashing in. Buh-bye...

Comment Re:The cliche practically coined for this occasion (Score 1) 271

The thinner a laptop gets, the more complicated it gets to keep everything cool and compact. That engineering costs serious money and if not done right, the manufacturer will end up getting a huge boatload of returns.

There are heat issues, durability issues, etc.

Apple's build quality is not just good, it's the best, and Apple has the highest customer service ratings than all the other players.

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