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Comment Heptatonic (Score 5, Informative) 111

It's interesting that heptatonic is currently at only 5%. The vast majority of western music, both classical and contemporary, is based on heptatonic scales. The same goes for arabic music, most indian music, and many other musical traditions around the world. This makes me think that the poll results are severely skewed by the fact that "pentatonic" is the only term most people will have heard of. And "octatonic" kind of sounds familiar (an octave as eight tones, right?), which probably doesn't help either.

Comment Re:ALSA Drivers Please!! (Score 1) 546

I agree that ALSA sucks (for many reasons, the hideous API probably being the most important one).

But, as an application developer, you simply shouldn't use ALSA directly, it's not worth the hassle. If your app does any "serious" audio work, use JACK. Period.
If you're aiming at the average desktop user, use another high-level audio API. PulseAudio appears to be a good choice.

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