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Comment Solar Glasses (Score 2) 60

Aside from the Glasses made for viewing the sun. (In very short supply right now.) I pose a question/challange to my friends on /.; What household items are there to look thru to view the transite? And anyone out there have some test equiptment to verify the filtering ablility of the items found to work? Some things might be good for the visible spectrum and seam like a good choice untill you find that it did'nt block UV and you find yourself night blind on the way home. I do know about the CD trick but the question still stands because there are so many CD types out there.
Some ideas I had would be a glass of Dark soda (flat and without ice) aka; Dr Pepper, Coke. Or maybe Saran Wrap with nail polish. Three or more UV sunglasses. Or maybe a quick walk thru the grocery store with a portable spectrum meter would be in order.
And yes I will have a pinhole box for the fun of it.

If someone came up with a solution; I bet you'd have the applause and friendship of many fellow /.'ers


PS. I watched the solar eclipse with just my very dark sunglasses and only right at sunset thru the polution of Texas City(lots of refineries), Houston, Galveston. It worked out quite well for very quick glances.

Comment Old age = broken? (Score 1) 317

Voted "I have never given up on a computer." Because most of my systems died from bad caps. I still have many of them. Some have new caps some are on a waiting list. Very few have made there way to the recycle or trash. Some use too much electricity to put back into service for the work they can do.. So I guess they died of "old age." Never to be used again until they get to be antiques. My S-100 based system will never die! Can you hear me IBM!

Comment Electric Smart Meter (Score 1) 248

I've had no wifi in my living room since they installed the new power meters on the outside wall. What i found in that the meters are on 2.4GHz and use up to 4watts output. They are some kind of mesh network to each other. I had to take down my wifi on that outside wall to my brothers house. It quit working and the input amp was destroyed do to proximity to the meter. 5feet away. Lost two wrt54's before I figured it out. I'm tempted to wrap the meters in tinfoil as a message to the power co. But I like my freedom too much. Can't afford to take on a 500lb gorilla.

Living on the wire now...


Montreal's Public Bikes To Use Web, RFID, Solar 146

Ian Lamont writes "Montreal is preparing to launch a Web- and RFID-enabled public bike system that allows residents and visitors to rent bicycles at special depots scattered throughout the city. Using a Web site, riders can check out a real-time inventory of available bicycles at the depot locations. At the depots, a solar-powered base station will process credit cards or member cards. The bike docks use RFID, and the system is supposedly easy to install and maintain. A pilot program will launch in September with four bike depots."

Submission + - HP blows up $1 million in equipment to prove point (

Stan Johnston writes: "In a vivid demonstration of how critical business systems can be protected in a real-world disaster, Hewlett Packard recently staged the ultimate business continuity test — simulating a catastrophe by blowing up more than $1 million in equipment with more than 70 pounds of C4 explosives. See how HP systems failed over flawlessly."

Submission + - Even century old records had restrictive licensing (

natch writes: "While rummaging through some old records at an antique store I found some turn-of-the-century Victor Record Company pressings. The label on the back laid out the terms of use, something similar to an EULA. In today's modern world of RIAA lawsuits and DRM, it's interesting to note that similar tactics have been in use by record companies for over a century, restricting your right to use what you purchased. The label clearly states that unless the record was sold for at least one dollar, there is no license to use it."

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