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Comment Re:Sounds Prudent (Score 1) 128

The feature in question apparently deactivates the alarm if you wave your hand anywhere from 2 to 8 feet beneath the unit. How they possibly thought that this wouldn't be accidentally triggered is beyond me. Something tells me that they didn't actually do very much QA at all.

What I don't understand is why you would want to disable your smoke alarm. You installed it to protect your family what circumstances would make you want to turn if off? If you burned something on the stove, open a window. Don't turn off thr smoke detector, it's just doing it's job. I know that I would forget to re-enable it after the problem was cleared. It's a dangerous option.

Comment Re: which he at first found "abominable", (Score 1) 118

I think you might want to read the citation from the Nobel Committee. It wasn't just for the photoelectric effect.

True, but this is what the Nobel web site says:
The Nobel Prize in Physics 1921 was awarded to Albert Einstein "for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect".

Comment Re:Which is the same thing as saying... (Score 1) 59

Assuming the NSA wasn't actively threatening/blackmailing politicians into compliance with their long-term goals? Probably most of the third-party candidates, especially those with a libertarian bent. This shit didn't "just happen", there have been deeply entrenched vested interests on both sides of the aisle angling for this for a long time. Hell, I usually ignore elections as ineffective, but if real progress hasn't been made (not just promises) on reigning in the NSA by election day this year I'm standing in line to vote all third-party, and recruiting all my friends to do the same. It may already be too late at this point, but if we don't at least try we've got nobody but ourselves to blame. And a congress packed full of deadlocked ideological nutters that at least kind of want to serve their constituency can only be an improvement over the current situation.

Hell, maybe we could make an event out of it - live music, BBQ, the works. Draw a big crowd to the minimum legal distance from the polling place, and encourage them to vote for anyone without a D or R beside their name. A zero-day "Vote out the Sock Puppets" campaign. Give the apathetic a reason to show up that has nothing to do with politics, and let peer pressure and their own distaste for entrenched politicians do the rest. After all you can listen to music, eat your burger, and generally shoot the shit just as easily while standing in line.

This is my greatest concern. Still after all the time this spying has been public, no one seems to think it's a threat to the entire system of government of this Republic. Blackmail. Blackmail. The President of the U.S. and his ruling party which the NSA reports to has the emails and contact lists and meta data of every member of the opposition party. Also the same data on every judge including the Supremes and every reporter in the world. Doesn't anyone except me see that the system can no longer function under these conditions. Add to that secret courts, secret letters requiring further secrecy and as far as I'm concerned, this Republic has evolved into some kind of a fascist state. Nice experiment too bad it only lasted 225 years.

Comment Re:First blacks, (Score 1) 917

now gays. Can't Americans just stop acting like utter fucking cunts for a few moments and work on their hatred? I'm guessing it's religious in nature; after all, religious texts are full of specious, homophobic nonsense. Thank fuck that shit is on the way out.

This is why the Republican (American Taliban) party is unelectable. They spend all their time shoving their religion down the throats of non Republicans and then are amazed that those folks don't want to vote for them. I live in Arizona and I'm a fiscal conservative but Republican Taliban obsession with their religion is just wrong.

Comment Re:Frog is boiling.... (Score 1) 500

...just keep chipping away at the rights, little by little.

We're getting close to the point of not needing a warrant or consent at all.

Anyone want to lay bets on when that will finally happen? I'm sadly not optimistic that it may not happen in my lifetime.


Hell, I'm 74 and I believe it will happen in MY lifetime. The terrorists in 9/11 won. The have managed to destroy what was the U.S. I knew when I was young. All in the name of fighting terrorism.

Comment Re:France is obsolete today. (Score 1) 506

You Canadians can always do what we Americans have done. If you don't like provisions of your Constitution, just declare it a "Living Document" and throw out the parts you don't like. Make sure that your government is powerful enough to not have to listen to the people anymore and have a court system in your pocket too. We Americans have thrown out the 1st amendment as shown by Arizona trying to discriminate against non Christians with SB1062. They're working hard to throw out the 2nd amendment. The 4th amendment is toast. The Supremes deciding that anywhere within 100 miles of any border or international airport is a Constitution free zone and the government can confiscate any computer they wish without probable cause. That your everything on line is fair game for the NSA... Need I go on?

Comment Re:"Idiots" (Score 1) 390

As much as I loathe Internet Explorer, this sort of response is unproductive. A lot of people are forced to use Internet Explorer who are neither idiots nor prey on them. Public access computers in libraries, computers in businesses and non-profits that have limited IT resources, and schools in lower income areas are also large users of Internet Explorer.

Such blind, fanboyish hatred doesn't serve those users at all.

I have a LG refrigerator and drive a Kia. (The NSA already knew that) Both of those Korean companies have websites that are made specifically for IE. When you log on they specify IE is the only browser supported and I can attest that Fire Fox does not properly render some pages. As I use a Mac, I have limited access to the web sites.

Comment Re:America Inc. (Score 1) 212

Do you really hope we mere mortals would have hard information about this ?
But really, if the NSA is doing industrial espionage on Petrobras, do you think the little American Oil companies would get that data ?
The affirmation that only the large corporations that are in bed with govt would get some of that data is essentially a given, no proof needed. It's too obvious. But more focus with being in bed with govt than being big.

And if they are doing industrial espionage, do you not think that they are using the political data they amass to influence elections here at home too. Please understand that the NSA reports directly to the Executive branch and the big boss is the President of The United States. I find it hard to believe that the NSA is not feeding the Prez private emails from the Congress and the Judges. The NSA also now has all the contact information from all journalists so all sources are know also. Of course the President doesn't want the program stopped, it's his keys to the kingdom. And if a Republican get elected, he will want to continue it also. To stop the NSA turns Superman into an ordinary human male.

Comment Re:One and the same (Score 1) 441

Your whoosh implies that Akratist was joking. I don't think that was the case. I am sure they 100% believe in the corruption of our elected officials.

Is there anyone who believes that the U.S. Government hasn't become a huge banana republic? We need to find a way to get term limits and get rid of the cancer that Congress has become. That includes the politically driven Supreme Court also. This is why big government is not good.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 138

Surveillance Watchdog Concludes Metadata Program Is Illegal, "Should End"

  Any rational person with half a brain would come to the same conclusion.

However, two of the five people on that committee had no problem with the program. What do schools teach anymore that 40% of the people on this committee and at least that percentage of the population and people in Congress believe it's not unconstitutional?

Comment Re:Private enterprise to the rescue (Score 1) 292

Maybe they wouldn't directly put the public good ahead of profits, but they might put limiting their liability ahead of their profits.

Having a large accident would be a large liability for an energy company, and they would naturally take steps to avoid it.

While companies exist to make money the idea that only the government really cares about the people is a little too simplistic. Especially when you start talking into account how government entities like the NSA "care" about the people.

It does work that way sometimes. Here in Arizona, APS used to provide both electric power and natural gas. They replaced a bunch of gas pipe with a material that was supposed to be superior. I guess it was never tested in the extreme heat because it started cracking and leaking. The leaks caused a couple of explosions and when a local Phoenix TV reporter was killed by an explosion things started happening. APS replaced all that new pipe with a proper heat resistant pipe and the sold the entire gas operation for ten cents on the dollar to South West Gas in Nevada. For profit corporations do do the right thing at times. They just need some prodding from some more powerful entity.

Comment Re:BETTER! (Score 1) 359

There! I feel the hot breath of reform already. Big brother is a subcontract.

Now the secret courts will have to examine secret accusations with extra secrecy. The NSA building data centers will be reversed, so that the commercial sector can occupy this function. And send the bill for "services".

Yes, and this morning I saw a beautiful flock of pigs flying in a vee formation. It was breath taking. You can always tell when a politician is lying... his lips are moving. Double down, change the subject, find another crisis and the press will cover our butts.

Comment Re:Put a fork in it, it's done. (Score 2) 539

It's the distance.

The US parties may collude on a variety of things (like counterterrorism, or if you prefer, "counterterrorism") but they have significantly differing views on the relationship of the role of government to the citizenry and the economy. For instance, on the national level, the US Democratic party has been pushing for things like the recent health-care reform laws (for good or ill), additional environmental regulation, increases in the minimum wage, and other increases in taxes and spending which see the government taking a larger role in the economy, including transfer payments (welfare, etc). They also resent military spending as a rule. The Republican party pushes for less government involvement in the economy, lower/flatter tax regimes, market solutions to issues like healthcare and wages, and a regulatory regime which is not simply less stringent, but also more streamlined where it is in fact present (and they do not resent military spending, at least not as a rule).

Things are different outside the economic arena, true, but 2008-2016's top issues were, in order: the economy, the economy, and the economy. So.

I look at it as the Democrats are the Socialist, spread the wealth and tax the working people party and the Republicans are the American Taliban. Kill all the gays and jam some version of the Christian religion down everyone's throat. Neither of them represent the values I have.

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