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Comment Re:Privacy != Freedom && Freedom != Privac (Score 1) 1208

I do not agree that privacy is a luxury. It is an essential right to be anonymous, especially not the government knowing every of your steps, likes, dislikes and such. You are right that this is not directly related to freedom of speech. But with the recent news about kidnappings by the cia of a German citizen (innocent, by the way...) without intense scrutiny by public (media, others) this makes me feel very scary. It was because of his name, that he was kidnapped. And nobody can assure me that no government will kidnap me because I like /. Or black cats. Or whatever. So, no government should know that much about me, because a government is not to be trusted, given the recent developments all around the world (haven't finished reading all comments about the sweet spot in the world). And this is a reason that no telco should be forced to hold that much data about me. If the government has some concern about me and my habits, please, go ahead and ask a judge to get a subpoena (however it is called in whatever country). THEN, and only then, a company shall collect data about me and hand it to government.

To the abuse point. There will always be abuse. Of freedom (e.g. "fire" in a crowed room) and privacy (any example). But the mis-habits of single persons NEVER should be used to remove a right from many! Rights always come with abuse, it is to be balanced and not black or white.

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