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Journal Journal: Signs of the end (of google)? 1

While searching for some information yesterday, I used Google. Exactly like I've been doing for the past several years.

Only this time, I couldn't find what I was looking for in the first 5 pages of results.

Advertisements and more advertisements. False hits. Frustration.

So I went to Altavista. And I found what I needed in the very first result, with the same query.

Flashback to Yahoo circa 1996, when I used Yahoo Search religously. Although I don't use Yahoo Search anymore, I still frequently visit its maps, yellow pages, and mail services. Hopefully Google will continue to improve upon its search service - otherwise I may only use Google for GMail and Froogle (and maybe the cool new Google Maps).

With MSN Search entering the scene, suddenly Google does not looks so impenetrable.


Journal Journal: Should Google merge with Yahoo?

This is a mish-mash of thoughts I've had lately. Pardon my lack of organization in this entry. Perhaps I will spruce it up a little later.

I'm going to go on the record and say that Google will merge with Yahoo within 5 years (by the end of 2009).

Focus of Microsoft: Microsoft has Google in its crosshairs. Microsoft will stop at nothing to destroy it. Consider Netscape and others. Microsoft is determined to be #1 in the search space.

Antitrust factors?: Microsoft also got off easy in the American antitrust trial. I have no doubt that Microsoft will feel at ease to use the same ruthless tactics (be they legal or not) against Google.

Search engine loyalty: I started using Webcrawler. Then I went to Altavista. I thought I would never use another search engine in my life. Enter Google. I haven't looked back since. If a better, faster search engine enters the market, I will switch in a heartbeat. I think that Microsoft, coupled with its enormous Research division, has the capabilities to create a Google-killer. Simply put, there is no lasting loyalty among search engine users.

Why does Google need Yahoo? Yahoo does everything well except for search. I consider Yahoo Mail, Games, Personals, Maps, Auctions, and a lot of other properties to be great successes (even if I don't personally use many of them). I don't consider Yahoo Search to be a success but Yahoo was never meant to be a search engine, only a directory.
        Look at Google's initial foray into Desktop search. It's a disaster. Google Mail works decently, but it is still in beta. I don't feel that Google has the ability to bring solid products to market very quickly.
        If Yahoo and Google combine, then Google can capitalize on Yahoo's many strengths. It's a perfect fit that the Redmond juggernaut will find difficult to overcome.

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