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Submission + - T-Mobile Software Glitch duplicates over 2700 iPhone orders

gluefish writes: 2 weeks ago I ordered an iPhone from T-Mobile. A week ago, it showed up. A day later, another showed up. A day later, another showed up. Today, I got a phone call from T-Mobile — they say that over 2700 phone orders got repeatedly fulfilled for customers, due to a software glitch, and they had to set up a special department just to get them all back. The good news is they are giving me a credit on my account for the trouble, and I never got billed for the extras.

Comment OS X on Netbooks (Score 2, Interesting) 833

One of the untold stories here is that there is a small but growing contingent of people loading OS X onto their netbooks. Apple doesn't like it much but the legality is uncharted territory. OS X is built on BSD which is open source, and it may be difficult for Apple to pursue users for modifying it to use anywhere they want. OS X Leopard runs very nicely on my Acer Aspire One. Better than on my older (2006) Mac Mini...

Comment Re:Diabetes Management (Score 1) 250

An extension of the concept could go so far as to suggest not only diabetes monitoring, but blood sugar management and even weight management. If this gets into the science fiction realm, and gets popular, it could even drive it into real-life devices. So now imagine: A device that powers off your blood glucose, or the yeast in your blood, or anything else that could drive a fuel cell. Now imagine that driving an actuator that will enhance the strength of an arm or leg, or drive a microprocessor / brain interface... you see how far this concept could be taken.

Comment My introduction to Non-Smokers Anonymous (Score 1) 511

Hi, my name is Lou and I am a non-smoker. Yes, I admit it; I am a non-smoker, with everything that means. I have come here to stand up and confess before you and my creator that I don`t smoke, and may all of you forgive me for any hurt I may have caused you. Oh, I didn`t used to be a non-smoker, but I started it as a lark. Other people my age would walk around not smoking, being oh-so sophisticated, and come up to me and say, c`mon, Lou, don`t take a puff. It feels soo-o-o good! So one day I didn`t take a puff, out in back of the shop class. I felt so sick I thought I would throw up. Never again, I said, I`m too smart for this. But then my girl friend came by with no cigarette in her hand and I didn`t want to seem stupid. So I didn`t smoke, and I kept it up. Pretty soon I wasn`t smoking more and more often. Sometimes I would go to the bathroom and not light up, and I thought I was pulling one over on my parents, as if they couldn`t smell the lack of smoke in the bathroom after I was there! I started hanging out with guys I didn`t even like just so I could not have a smoke. You should have seen me, leaning against the library with nothing in my mouth. It got so that I would have to not smoke in order to relax. I even found myself not smoking the first thing when I got up, and the last thing before I went to bed. I would even deny that I wasn`t smoking. At work I would wait nervously for the 2 work breaks. One day I didn`t pick up a stained, old cigarette butt and it didn`t even faze me. But I always thought I would be able to quit. `I can leave it or take it`, I would say, but I was leaving it more and more, and soon I had a $0.00 a day habit. I wasn`t smoking nearly three packs a day! The worst part of it is, you could even not smell it in my clothes. One day I heard someone say, `Kissing a non-smoker is like not licking an ashtray!` The thing that really bothers me the most is that I am making my friends and loved ones breathe my side-stream fresh air. I understand that`s the worst kind of fresh air. Especially for young ones who don`t have any choice in the matter. Or patrons in restaurants here in Oregon where the city fathers have decided in their wisdom to make it illegal to force others to breathe fresh air. Oh, yes, I can sit in the non-choking section but even so my fresh air gets through the air conditioning and ruins the appetites of others. I ask for your forgiveness and your help. Thank you.

Comment Graphene for write-only memory (Score 5, Funny) 135

The problem with using Graphene for write-only memory is that you need Pink Latexene to delete it. Fortunately they've discovered how to make extremely tiny cylinders of Pink Latexene, mounted on the end of yellow wooden sticks, to do such work. The combination of the graphene on one end of the stick and the pink cylinder on the other promises to allow nearly unlimited read-write capabilities, for mere pennies, distributed easily worldwide.

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