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Comment Re:Violation of freedom (Score 0) 371

As a Germany living in the US who has seen both sides, let me put some things into perspective here:

Your reference "capable of running Windows" is complete irrelevant. Are you trying to whip up some anti-MS mob here on Slachdot?

Yes, takes are a money grab on people who mind their own business. In the US (I live in North Carolina), I pay property tax; think about how you would justify that?

Yes, these taxes are discouraging economic growth. And yes again, there are higher taxes in Germany than in many other places.

But: the German government takes the stand that certain right need to be provided to the people. (Slightly simiplifying) Free access to education, health care, information, news, etc are part of that. It's a bunch of non-economic goals, but at large, the people share them in principle.

And as far as my personal preference goes: I think Germany is better off for having ARD or ZDF as their main news providers, as opposed the the "fair and balanced" Fox news here in the US.

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