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Comment EDUCATION WANTED (Score 2) 426

It is sad that we have so many people thinking they have profound understanding of things they actually know nothing about. It is actually slightly true that all things have a negative aspect but in the case of nano tech and nuclear power they can both do far more good than any harm likely to flow from them. A simple example if we had no nuclear power plants we would have far more coal power plants. The use of coal murders people in large numbers. Take a look at W. Virginia's official sites about fishing. One meal a year is the maximum of fish allowed in a diet in many streams and lakes while the rest is one meal every six months. In essence there is no place in W. Va. that coal has not loaded with mercury and lead to the extent that all surface water is now toxic.

Comment Military (Score 1) 414

I am sort of surprised that there is any news on this as the ability to predict a projectile's path would be of great interest to military units possessing large guns. You know, when you are throwing 3,000 lbs. of wicked, fierce explosive 75 miles down range it is sort of nice to hit your target rather than the convent or kindergarten a few yards away.

Comment Value of Labor (Score 1) 412

Society fails to tell the truth about unskilled and semi-skilled labor. We are fed nonsense about supply and demand and how the skilled must be paid more than the unskilled. The reality is that labor is so valuable that no society can afford it and must contrive ways to get people to work for low pay and under savage conditions. One example is how fast companies scream when we try to stop illegal immigration.. They instantly claim they can not survive unless they take advantage and break laws. In many way America is still a slave nation.

Comment Re:At first... (Score 2) 200

Some states do not allow the wages to be garnished. In Florida a garnishment is excessively rare although the system has one or two now and then. Combine that with a physical injury cap of 10K per person and the victims can't even pay for the initial ER bills much less the tons of bills and loss of income and life long disabilities. And it gets even worse. In some counties many people have no insurance and not even a driver's license. Retired people who feared loss of life time savings set these laws and policies into motion.

Comment Re:Question- How did scammers do this? (Score 1) 473

This might create an opportunity for a large law suite. Bill collectors are allowed one call per day. If you pick up a phone and put it back on the hook without any conversation they have just had their one call for the day. If they dial back simply because they reached an answering machine or you did not speak to them they would be in violation. The number of judges wanting to hang debt collectors is substantial and a few suits like this will tend to hit one or two that pay out large.

Comment No Way (Score 1) 578

They just whine and whine and whine. First they get their panties in a knot if you watch something they don't want you to watch and now they reason that you must be forced to watch something because that is the way they happen to earn money. Not to mention that broadcast TV is so unbearable that nobody wants to watch it any more.

Comment Re:Ridiculous, Impossible, Etc. (Score 1) 398

I also am an HOA director. We are also bound by a POA of which I am a board member. Usually just about everything we do is out of form or downright in violation of either our HOA, POA or state laws. Believe it or not that is due to the membership. We have about 40% in the too old to think part of life and they are the ones that show up at meetings and vote. The law is no answer as everything about the legal process hurts every unit owner. If people really had a clue as to what they were doing it should scare them half to death. What they do know is what they want. Usually that is absurd and they can get really upset about such trivia. Some condos in Florida are so contentious that meetings have to be held with paid guards in secured facilities. This is over such urgent issues as to whether we should eliminate penny grass or learn to enjoy it.

Comment Substantial Rework (Score 2) 116

Quite a bit of work was done on this back in the mid 1980s. The versatile factory capable of quick redirection came along with the concept of inventory taxes. The notion being that if a factory could convert from making fishing reels to brake assemblies or whatever in a few hours then many product lines could keep going with almost no inventory in storage. It was going fairly well back then but there was an issue with the price of the help needed to keep everything in order back then. That was mostly due to very inadequate computer systems. The machinery involved was also costly but it did work.

Comment Re:Was the teacher tutoring a single student? (Score 1) 76

College students are heavily invested in success in their education and not just with money. They have put in a lot of work just to get accepted at a decent college. That means they don't act up, act out, or risk being bounced out of college. But when we are talking grade schools the picture changes quickly. In my area getting tossed out of school means lots of nice days at the beach. It is almost the norm to drop out of high school and it can actually give a kid status to get expelled. That means that they will need a close watch by some sort of security or they will act out in class. So you are replacing a teacher with a guard and the dollar per hour differential between a skilled teacher and a security guard is not much at all. Yet we will see more and more classes without teachers. They are becoming common.

Comment Local Minnows (Score 1) 70

Here we have an instance of a tiny fish wanting to gobble up a huge national-international issue. If there is a case to be made it needs to at least resolve the issue for the entire nation. The hazard rests in the government simply not liking people to be able to communicate. Governments universally seem to dislike the ability of people to communicate easily.

Comment Re:If there is a lawful mechanism... (Score 1) 79

The only thing really different is the complexity of trying to observe the net. Sadly it comes down to the fact that governments just can not stand the idea of people communicating. If the public was aware of the goings on in various governments around the world we would likely be in a state of perpetual revolution. Not only would the truth set people free it would tend to drive them barking mad and in rage as well.

Comment Re:Ballot Box, Soap Box, Ammo Box (Score 1) 295

I see no privacy issues here at all. People driving in a community are very quickly noticed as qualified or in a non qualified frame of mind. Since this easily observable by the general public I think eveyone has the right to record as much as they can. Things done or said in front of others are not private issues at all. More and better truth will aid a nation in its survival.

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