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Comment Re:Pyramid Scheme (Score 1) 691

Bitcoin is inherently structured as a pyramid scheme. Users who adopted it early had an easy time obtaining BTC, and they're incentivised to recruit others so their stockpile has value.

Stock market is inherently structured as a pyramid scheme. Those who obtained stock early had an easy time obtaining it, and they're incentivised to recruit others so their stockpile has value... Yeah I know, that's quite a stupid thing to assert.

Comment Wow just wow (Score 1) 91

This is just terrible reporting. 1) No support is given to the claim that it was really the tweet that caused the "spike"*. 2) No account is given on how exactly the supposed misinterpretation came to be. Sorry Reuters, but writing that "traders did it" just isn't good enough. If this is a real "trading" story, there must be an official account of it happening somewhere (like an Exchange memo or something), and if there is, you should fucking dig for it and show us. *3) No context is given explaining why a mere 1% increase in price should even be called a "spike" in oil trading.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Disble advertising (on Slashdot)?

globalist writes: Recently I've seen this message "As our way of thanking you for your positive contributions to Slashdot, you are eligible to disable advertising." on Slashdot. I'd like to ask Slashdot — what advertising? I don't see any, to start with. Thanks!

Comment Re:Oookkkaaayyy.... (Score 1) 246

Thanks for the "" tip! The new download box was truly horrendous. And LOL @ "UI breakage" - because that's really the only thing they're good at nowadays at Mozilla.

Comment Re:Nice summary, a bit misleading (Score 1) 256

The CD itself will not play on your turntable, because it was not meant to. It's not about aging of technoloogy at all. It's about different products and it's also the ARM (Analogue Restrictions Management), stupid! :P If you buy a movie on XBOX Video, what makes you think it should be playable on your iPad? The iPad has its own venue for movie purchases and it's called iTunes. If you don't like it then buy something that plays anything from anywhere. But please don't try to dictate how others should do business and/or consume entertainment.

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