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Comment Re:Rust is going to eat C's lunch (Score 2) 232

Rust allows programming "closer to the metal" than those languages. For example, Go, Nim, Scala and Haxe all require a garbage collector in practice for significantly complex programs. This makes it difficult (or at least heavyweight) to embed components in those languages into other languages and makes memory usage more difficult to reason about. This makes it easier to use Rust as a drop-in replacement for C or C++.

(Rust has other advantages over each of those other languages too.)

Comment Re:problems, lol (Score 3, Insightful) 232

The reality is that programmers make lots of mistakes, no matter how smart they are, how educated they are, or how hard they try.

Another reality is that even if the really brilliant programmers never made mistakes, there aren't enough of them to create all the software that the world needs.

Fortunately, in the 44 years since C was created, we've learned how to design languages that are easier to use and prevent or detect many of the worst kinds of mistakes. Recently we've even learned how to do that without giving up the power C programmers need.

Comment Re:autonomous taxi services are the real game-chan (Score 1) 101

Owning my own car isn't all that convenient. I have to have it serviced. I have to refuel it. It's not always the ideal model for the task at hand. Every so often I have the hellish experience of buying another one. I have to juggle usage with other family members (or spend significantly more money for another vehicle that'll be less used).

Autonomous taxis would be more convenient than taxis driven by real people simply because you could afford to have a lot more of them on the road.

Even in rush hour, it would be common for an autonomous car to complete multiple trips so there's still a significant increase in utilization there. Also, sane road rules would give one-person micro-cars preferential treatment over space-wasting big cars.

Comment autonomous taxi services are the real game-changer (Score 1) 101

More than any other change in the car industry, autonomous taxi services would make things massively better. Once you make it cheaper and more convenient for most people to use the taxi service than to own your own car, then:

You can customize your car to the journey. One-person 3km trip? Hail a short-range one-person electric car. No need to drive a big car just because you need it once in a while. This leads to a massive reduction in average vehicle size on the roads, and big reductions in energy consumption.

Most people won't need driveways and garages anymore. Extend your house or put in a garden.

Large reduction in the need for on-street and off-street parking. Replace on-street parking with pickup/dropoff bays and/or bike lanes and/or more general lanes.

On one hand, this would reduce public transport usage by providing a more convenient alternative for many people. On the other hand, this would increase public transport usage by reducing instances where people drive from A to B only because they'll need their car to get from B to C. Both of those cases are wins.

Comment Re:more features for the feature god. (Score 1) 134

What evidence do you have that Mozilla wants to spy on people?

Mozilla bent over backwards to make it possible for you to run your own Firefox Accounts and Sync servers:
Is that the action of an organization that is determined to spy on you?

Comment Re:more features for the feature god. (Score 2) 134

> enjoy your free, mandatory DRM in the browser.

Not mandatory. Disable it with one checkbox in preferences.

> get rid of pocket

Being moved to a disable-able extension.

> please work on fixing the bugs youre assigned

Of course they're always doing that. To insinuate they don't is just gratuitously insulting.

> hustle up and get that godforsaken voice chat program out of the browser

Already done.

> quit mandating signed plugins to curtail adblock users

No connection between signed addons and adblock. The suggestion there is is something you just made up.

> ditch the targeted advertising tiles

Already done a long time ago.

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