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Comment Great, now axe Origin (Score 1) 427

The CEO got fired for several reasons and the last straw could very well been latest SimCity release issues. My video game budget is about $1,500 per year for my household. EA games used to be a stable part of my gaming time. The last game I recall buying from EA was Battlefield 3 in late 2011. I have abandoned the Mass Effect franchise at 2. I abandoned the Dragon Age Origins franchise at first game. Battlefield 3 is my last Battlefield franchise game. I really enjoyed all three franchises. There are two major reasons for my abandonment:
  1. 1. Games are not available on Steam (I hate Origin). My only Origin game has been Battlefield 3 (I tried it, I hate it). My Steam library is over 300 games. My wife, all four kids, my network of friends, and family use Steam games. Nobody I know is using Origin.
  2. 2. Bioware has gotten lazy. I refuse to reward those lazy developers. Mass Effect and Dragon Age Origins could easily have multiplayer co-op support.

Since dropping EA games I have moved EA part of my budget to buying more Ubisoft games. I got into Prince of Persia series only after the initial release of a DRM free Prince of Persia (I bought on Steam but I like their form of DRM and Valve as a company). I have since purchased every Prince of Persia game I can via Steam, I got into Assassin's Creed franchise, bought every game and DLC, and enjoy the integration with Ubisoft platform and Steam (it's not in the way of my enjoyment). I also started investing in KickStarter games that are focused on PC (Star Citizen), Castle Story, and others (buying six games at a time for household use)

If EA wants part of my cash pie DROP Origin. It's a waste of time (kind of like Bing against Google, nice try but in the end you'll cut your losses). Let those talented developers at Bioware work on co-op in their games (Neverwinter Nights is your benchmark). Then I'll come back. I haven't even played over half the games in my Steam library, I simply stockpile to help Steam, Valve, developers, and I'll get around to them one day. I don't miss EA games at the moment. I enjoyed the news that CEO was canned and removed from Board.

Comment Re:It doesn't work. No game support. (Score 1) 75

I have both Eyefinity and Surround setups, both running at 5760 x 1080 resolution, using triple monitor setup. A few games don't support mulit-monitor (Unreal 3 Engine based games) but others (Source // Valve games), Battlefield franchise, Crytek engines (Crysis), Civ 5, Dirt 3, Trackmania Canyons, EuroTruck Simulator 2, Take on Helicopters, Defense Grid, Assassin's Creed franchise, etc do. More and more of my games are supporting Eyefinity/Surround setups. When a game doesn't support the Eyefinity / Surround I simply right click / disable the multi-monitor before playing the game (or simply launch game and outside monitors go dark).

As long as I have the financial means I will be using 3 or more monitor setups.

Comment TWC is crying like a baby (Score 1) 573

If TWC offered 1 Gpbs speeds and fiber to my house I would gladly use {insert any ISP name} for less than or equal to $100 per month (my budget for Internet).

Instead, I use another cable provider called SureWest and I pay $80 for 30 down/5 up. TWC keeps sending me these come back offers, offering $200 gift cards/Visa cards, which go promptly go into the trash.

BTW, Google Fiber is just around the corner. Is that why Slashdot Ads keep offering the Google Fiber?

I've been tallying votes for "who would switch to Google" as it's near many of us at work (some are in fiberhoods already). Of the 90 friends/employees I've polled 98% have responded with Google Fiber. So yeah, TWC is crying like a baby in private. If price and service/speeds were equal, I would rather use SureWest, Google, then TWC.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 176

Please don't generalize. Star Citizen is a PC game set to be released in late 2014 and has no console aims and pretty awesome pre-release budget.

I would buy one of these cards when the price drops to $700 range. I budget $350 per card and use two GPUs in two different PCs (one with two NVidia GTX 560 Tis and one with two HD 7850s). So yes, I would buy one of these GPUs to help with power consumption and support the economy.

Comment Dislike patents being used against the public? (Score 1) 419

Support PUBPAT. In regards to are details of a case filed by PUBPAT....Organic Seed Growers & Trade Association et al. v. Monsanto

This could be a very large case for US law. Oral arguments were on January 10, 2013. You can download recording from US Court of Appeals (Federal).

Comment Our situation (Score 1) 550

My wife grew up playing card, video, and board games so it wasn't an uphill battle to get her to play video games, it just took a few specific ones. I can't get her interested in role playing games, the legit ones, like DnD 3.5, Rifts, or Traveller. Maybe that will come along when the kids are older and start playing with me. In our >10 years of marriage she's tried as many games as I could get her to play. Only one game in the first eight years got her hooked (Dungeon Seige I). The past two yeasr though it has changed primarily due to kids and multiplayer co-op with the four kids (all 10). The kids loved playing Minecraft so mommy started playing and got hooked. Now the wife enjoys Minecraft and Zero Gear (like Mario Kart for PC) with the family. I convinced her to try Civ V and now that's her favorite game. We've introduced Civ V to the 7 and 9 year old girls.

Submission + - US Government Petition to an open and volunteer funding policy (

glittermage writes: Let us help the US Government be more like Kickstarter. So we can fund some things that Congress decides not to fund. I created a new petition on We the People on and ask for Slashdot support. Will you add your name? If this petition gets 25,000 signatures by February 07, 2013, the White House will review it and respond! Short URL: /dot unite!

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