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Comment Finally... (Score 5, Funny) 274

man will have a true incentive que stop polluting.

There's a joke in Brazil about a lion that fled the zoo and ended up in a government building. Each day he would eat a civil servant. He was doing very well, until one day he ate the lady in charge of making coffee. Then people finally noticed something bad had happened.

Comment Re:Moral of the story: (Score 1) 280

Making guns is quite different because the manufacturer can a least say that he doesn't know what they will be used for. They could be used for protection (which is perfectly legal) or they could be used for crime.

In this case, these men were asked to do something very specific, the consequences of which you don't have to be particularly smart to realise. A printer can't say he was just doing as his client told him if he was asked to print fake money.

Comment Re:Well, folks... (Score 1) 284

In a centrally planned economy, the factories would be under direct orders from the central authority and would not be able to abuse the legislation in this manner. In fact, you wouldn't need legislation, an administrative order would suffice.

If I am not mistaken (IANAL), you cannot do something a law does not forbid if you go against the law's intent (at least in my country - Brazil - that's the way it works). So this practice would actually be illegal here, because the law was written to reduce fossil fuel usage.

Comment Re:Cue the following: (Score 1) 1306

You can never know if a theory is "right". You can only measure its precision with respect to things you wish to observe.

Even if you built a model that was spot on to your measurements (and they were infinitely precise), you could never be sure that its principles describe how the universe actually works.

Therefore, a theory is "right", as long as it fits your needs. If your need is to know exactly how the universe works, you will never find "right", because theories are models of reality and reality is unknowable. It is only observable.

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