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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Open Hardware Community Gathers at Summit (makezine.com)

glenkim writes: Last week in New York, members of the open source hardware community gathered at the Open Hardware Summit to listen to talk about current issues and the future of the growing movement. The keynote address was given by Limor "Ladyada" Fried, whose open source Roland 303 clone, x0xb0x, has been discussed previously. Topics she covered include her personal reasons for doing open source hardware, experiences in dealing with haters (hint: they’re gonna hate), how open hardware is a part of freedom of speech, and what it’s like working with Bunnie Hwang. Particularly noteworthy are her thoughts on the altruistic nature of contributing to open source: “When we give to charity, we don’t give just to get our name on the building. We give to become better people.”

More talks are available here, with slightly more information about the talks available at the OHS site. Slashdot previously covered the state of open source hardware in 2008.


Submission + - ASPS opens plant science text to all (uq.edu.au)

solanum writes: Some years ago the Australian Society of Plant Scientists produced a undergraduate text book that became a mainstay of plant science teaching in Australia. Today they have opened up that text for all, with the entire book made available online for free (as in beer). However, this is just the first step, a future edition will be made available as a wiki. Perhaps this is another nail in the coffin of being forced to purchase overpriced undergraduate text-books written by your professor?

The ASPS write: "We are proud to announce that the first edition of the plant science text book, "Plants in Action", is now on-line and free. Open access web resources are transforming education, and Plants in Action is the first Plant Science textbook contributing to this unrestricted sharing of scientific knowledge. The revised second edition of Plants in Action will also be an open access publication with an expected completion date of September 2011. It will be a fully edited and peer-reviewed wiki, with a discussion and comments page for each chapter. The overall structure of first edition Plants in Action will remain, but Plants in Action2 will only be published on-line as open access book."


Submission + - BlackBerry Tablet seeks to crush Apple iPad (itwire.com)

davidmwilliams writes: Research In Motion has announced their own BlackBerry-based tablet computer to compete directly with the Apple iPad. RIM seem to have been listening because they've included some core features that Apple missed including dual HD cameras, a microHDMI socket and — get this — Flash.

Submission + - Notes From the QuakeCon 2010 Key Note (kotaku.com)

glenkim writes: Kotaku has posted their liveblog of the QuakeCon 2010 key note, with some big announcements by gamedev god and /. regular John Carmack. Highlights include a video (http://kotaku.com/5611523/id-unleashes-rage-on-the-iphone) of the id Tech 5 engine (aka Rage) running on the iPhone 4G at 60fps, with claims that it also runs on the iPhone 3GS. Carmack noted that performance on the iPhone was able "kill anything done on the Xbox or PlayStation 2." He also announced the source code release of two games, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/source/). Also, Carmack finally admitted that Doom 3 was too dark!

Comment This could be awesome! (Score 4, Interesting) 256

As an aspiring game developer, I look at Valve's actions with a lot of excitement lately. Steam and Source are coming to Mac for sure now, and so that means Source SDK should be updated to support deployment to Macs. If Linux is included in this package, it only sweetens the deal. For developers just getting started, Source would have a unique advantage over the other engines available currently (e.g. Unreal, Crytek) in that it would allow developers to reach as wide an audience as possible. I really hope this happens.

Comment Re:Confounding Variable (Score 1) 381

I agree that there is most likely some other factor involved. Correlation does not equal causation in this case. That is to say, yes, people tend to reach their intellectual peak at 22, and start waning by 27. However, the reason for why it does this has not been touched upon at all at this point.

It could for example, have nothing to do with natural aging, but have everything to do with the fact that most people are out of college by then and working. If you're not exercising your mental muscles by constantly learning new things, of course you're going to get dumber.

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