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Submission + - What happens when the cloud drys up? (apple.com)

gk4 writes: This past July, Apple discontinued their iWork.com cloud where you could upload your iWork09 documents to share with others in various formats and receive comments. This dried up cloud is a loss in functionality for Mac users, because the new iCould.com is only designed for an Apple user to share his own content between his own devices. Is there a better way for Apple users to share documents with MS users than doing a File Save-As then forward?
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Submission + - Apple won't sell iPhone to some AT&T customers (apple.com) 1

gk4 writes: This weekend, I waited in line with a large group of enthusiasts for hours at Apple to buy the new 16GB iPhone. Once it was my turn, the sales person greeted me, retrieved an iPhone, then proceeded to process my purchase. The sales person asked me a few questions, then suddenly stopped to say that I have a corporate account through AT&T and I must purchase the phone at an AT&T store. When I unhappily left the store there were only three 16GB iPhones left and hundreds of eager people in line.

The Apple webpage says "Current and new iPhone users who now or will receive service under a corporate account and wish to upgrade to or purchase iPhone 3G need to contact AT&T directly." However, I have an individual account and my employer does not pay my phone bill.

An AT&T customer service representative told me that I have an individual account but the foundation number allows me a corporate discount negotiated by my employer. Now I'm waiting 10 days after ordering an iPhone from an AT&T store. My son did not have any problems two years ago when he purchased an iPhone using the same account.

What is the underlying reason why Apple wouldn't or couldn't sell an iPhone to me because I was an existing AT&T customer receiving a corporate discount?

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