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Comment Me too! (Score 1, Informative) 114

This happened to me just last week. I received an email to say I had AUD$23.99 deducted from my iTunes balance (provided by iTunes cards purchased at 25% off so really only AUD $17.9925!) from this exact in app purchase. Needless to say I checked my account immediately and confirmed this. My credit card details were registered with iTunes but they had been mysteriously deleted. I changed my password and contacted Apple with low expectations. I was contacted by Apple within 24 hours stating that they had reversed the transaction! My account was also frozen and I had to go through a (fairly simple) reactivation process. The email/password combo I used was my 'doesn't matter' standard generic login that I use in a lot of places (not email or banking or anywhere that matters). I thought that iTunes didn't matter as I figured the worst that could happen is someone buys me some music with my own money. I hadn't considered the dodgy app developer siphoning money through apps. I don't see how this can't be caused by someone at Lakoo. If an in-app purchase is made from their app surely the only place the money goes is 30% Apple and 70% Lakoo. I can't understand why Apple doesn't just shut them down. I suspect my email/password combo was harvested from some forum or similar that I innocently signed up for. The lesson here is use a unique password for iTunes. Anyway kudos to Apple for refunding this fraudulent transaction but grrrr for not shutting this down earlier. (It's been happening for almost 6 months!)

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Yes, the rest are actually worse. The only readable news outlet is Crikey.

Agreed. The $120 I spent on my Crikey subscription has been fantastic value. I just wish the mainstream media would pick up on some of the stuff they report.

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