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Comment Re:undermining the Tor system (Score 2) 323

It's funny you should say this, because (and more interestingly) a former tor developer, who also has a PhD in CompSci, is now the lead researcher for a security firm closely aligned to to the FBI, in fact employing some of the agents responsible for catching DPR and shutting down SilkRoad.

"Matt Edman is a cybersecurity expert who worked as a part-time employee at Tor Project, the nonprofit that builds Tor software and maintains the network, almost a decade ago."
"By 2012, Edman was working at Mitre Corporation as a senior cybersecurity engineer assigned to the FBI's Remote Operations Unit, the bureau’s little-known internal team tapped to build or buy custom hacks and malware for spying on potential criminals. With an unparalleled pedigree established from his time inside the Tor Project, Edman became an FBI contractor tasked with hacking Tor as part of Operation Torpedo, a sting against three Dark Net child pornography sites that used Tor to cloak their owners and patrons."


And she's worried the FBI might try to use her to "infiltrate" Tor. Please, they're already using consultants who probably get paid 3x whatever she's making to actively deanonymize Tor.

She's a tad paranoid if you ask me.

Comment Re:undermining the Tor system (Score 1) 323

But the thing is that outfits like the NSA (because, let's face it, all the FBI has to do to search or hack into your machine or wifi network, is get a rubber-stamped warrant)--who don't need a warrant and go after very hard to infiltrate targets, rely on very obscure and hard to reproduce vulnerabilities in hardware or software, that only they know about, and then very cleverly exploit those vulnerabilities to pown the system.

And then if that doesn't work, they get their friends at the CIA to exploit the 3Bs of encryption--burglary, bribery, and blackmail.

Comment Flash (Score 1) 58

To my understanding the feds used a flashed-based exploit based on the decloak module in metasploit

"It worked because Adobe’s Flash plug-in can be used to initiate a direct connection over the Internet, bypassing Tor and giving away the user’s true IP address."

Is this still the case? What other ways could the feds have used to decloak a Tor session?

Comment Re:Typical Response from Mental Midgets (Score 5, Informative) 221

"it was that the fastest to digest and most pedestrian content would be promoted to the front page the fastest whereas any technically involved content will taper off into obscurity."

Also the fact that you can't sort by lowest rated comment, and are artificially restricted to the first 500 comments (on top of the fact that when you 'load more' it only loads like the next 20, so you can't even navigate to the downvoted comments quickly) adds to that hive mentality. It makes seeing dissenting or unpopular comments next to impossible, by design.

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