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Submission + - Solar Roadways Crowdsource (indiegogo.com)

giveen1 writes: "The implementation of our Solar Roadways project on a grand scale would change the world as we know it in significant ways. Imagine the possibilities of a post Solar Roadways world: Your home could be all or nearly off grid thanks to your solar driveway (which you no longer have to shovel or plow if you live in the north), patio, or walkways etc. When you leave home, you'll be driving on Solar Roadways which are snow and ice free, pothole free, and the LEDs help you see the lines clearly and easily, especially at night when many people suffer night blindness. A study in the UK showed that LED markers on road lines reduced nighttime accidents by 70-percent. If there is danger ahead from a deer in the road or a sudden accident, the intelligent road can sense this and warn you to "Slow Down". This will save the lives of countless animals and keep people safer too. If you go somewhere new, the intelligent road can direct you with an LED-lit arrow that you follow to your destination. If you have an EV, you can stop and charge at a solar parking lot while you work, shop or eat, using clean energy from the sun. Eventually, you'll be able to charge while you drive via mutual induction panels. Solar Roadways will provide the infrastructure to make this possible."

Comment Missing the point (Score 1) 1633

The whole point of the Second Amendment is to never, ever, ever, let a government have total control over our lives (Revolutionary War). The Second Amendment is the FINAL bounce of power. You have the Supreme Court, the Executive Branch, the Legislator Branch.....AND the People. If any of those three step out of bounds (of the Constitution), it is our job to make sure they get back in line. I'm not advocating violence against the government (I served in the military) , just saying if these branches step out the Constitution, its our job to protest and make sure they understand they are in the wrong.

Comment Bunch of religious wacko's (Score 1) 747

Okay first off, I'm a born-again Christian who believes Creation by God in 7 days. Evangelical Christian. Just to clear the air when I say this: About half of my church is anti-vaccination people. They claim their "home remedies" will protect them from this crap and the spout off old studies that have long been disproved or never peer-reviewed. Despite my intense debate with them on FB and in person with study papers in hand or links they continue to believe that their roots & herbs is going to protect them from a virus. Recently one of my elders in church went to the Philippines and is due back to church today. He is an anti-vaccine person and went into an area infected with TB! The wife and I have been debating severely if we should go back to church or not this morning or wait till next week to see if he goes into active TB stage. BUT inactive TB can stay in your system for 2 freakin years! I have a new baby on the way in two months, and at any time this guy could go active and expose my new child who is too young to get the vaccination. Personally, I say let them all kill each other off with spreading these diseases among themselves, but the problem is, they expose their sickness to my children who may be too young to XYZ vaccination. Oh yeah, the same half of the church "claims" they are all allergic to gluten as well. So I feel myself qualified when I say they are a bunch of religious nut-jobs.

Comment Re:We're disillusioned with the Defence Sector (Score 1) 289

So we need politicians who aren't corrupt and do accept the lobbying done by the defense contractors. Still sounds like it all lands back on politicians. Obama has been doing a decent job (I'm not a fan of him) of cutting military spending and its heading in the right direction but we need to be cautious as China's military capability is growing and we need to be on watch for that.

Comment Re:We're disillusioned with the Defence Sector (Score 1) 289

Without turning this into a political debate, you were honestly too young to feel the anger about 9/11 which is the basis of the PATRIOT Act even getting passed. In some ways its like the Japanese-American internment camps after Pearl Harbor. Clearly the wrong but the only solution we could come up with.

Comment No jobs locally (Score 1) 289

I am an inactive duty Marine, 5 years of clean record handling encryption systems and system administration, years of desktop support service and finished one degree with information security and working on a second. I have some entry level security certs and have been trying to find a security job locally in my state but I haven't found any. Had a couple interviews with Bit9 for a remote job but didn't get the position. I don't want much, just an average starting wage for a junior level position so I can learn and grow but there isn't any security jobs in Idaho. The wife really doesn't want to move and frankly neither do I.

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