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Comment Re:API Dokumentation + Usecases + Glossary ... (Score 1) 134

Disclaimer: I've been working in the CMS area for the last 8 years, not KMS, but here you go:
  • what you are looking for is a project, not a product
  • defining taxonomies, tagging content, making people follow agreed-upon workflows, naming conventions, 'this goes there' conventions takes a lot of time and effort
  • the best "tool" you can buy is a dedicated knowledge management official (the 'webmaster' of lore ;-)
  • 2nd best tool is buy-in from all parties. KMO can train them, provide them with self-learning material, reassure them, etc. Better convince top-level mgmt first, though
  • KMS products are just toolboxes. Each take a lot of config time, learning, setup, workarounds
  • go OSS, as you will need to tweak and patch them as needed. Avoid proprietary like the plague
  • pick something running on SOLR - it has a diverse ecosystem of semantic analysis plugins, and its world-class in searching
  • you might want to start using a Document Management System (Alfresco) or a CMS with a flexible content model (eZPublish)
  • Confluence is just a glorified wiki, it leads to duplicate content everywhere because of its simplistic permission model, document model and missing multi-positioning in the content tree

Comment was farmland at the time: so what? (Score 1) 249

I see lots of comments trying to shift the blame from the administration that originally dumped the chemicals in what was at the time countryside.
Funnily not a lot of them highlighting the fact that dumping toxic waste, wherever it might be, is just plain BAD. And this is a textbook case: you might never know what will happen there in 50 years, let alone 500.
Food for thought for nuclear waste dumps...

Was it the american indians that encouraged to think about the consequences of one's actions for seven generations?

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