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Comment Re:I'm a geek, but... (Score 4, Interesting) 357

Now, as I work most of my time as an AV-tech, I'd have to say that this is truth with modifications.
Projectors at conferences are usually vga only. I've never encountered a DVI cable in static systems at conferences. Sure, when we set it up ourselves and go for high quality HD projectors @ 10k ansilumens we will use our nice fiberoptic dvi cables or hd-sdi, but most of the time it is vga/rgb-hv.

That means one(1) adapter, if you bring your own laptop. Even peecees come with DVI these days.
For us techs, it means 3 adapters, one dvi-vga, one minidvi-vga and one DisplayPort-vga. This will not make much of a difference in our flight cases...

Apart from that, I agree. Apple pulled a bit of a stunt with the DisplayPort. While I like the new port, I think it's way too arrogant to assume that people will ditch a 6 months old machine just like that. :-)

Comment Re:Dropping a big selling point! (Score 1) 455

Opera is based on Qt, which already does a great job maintaining cross-platform compatibility.

Uhrrr... Nope.
The linux port was QT(i don't think I can quote the story about the reasons, but those who where there knows how hilarious the first stab at Opera for Linux was), but that has been mostly phased out, iirc.
The other platforms not QT. :-)
Best regards
Former Opera emplyee


Submission + - First Armed Robots on Patrol in Iraq

An anonymous reader writes: Robots have been roaming Iraq, since shortly after the war began. Now, for the first time — the first time in any warzone — the 'bots are carrying guns. The SWORDS robots, armed with M249 machine guns, "haven't fired their weapons yet," an Army official says. "But that'll be happening soon." The machines have actually been ready to a while, but safety concerns kept 'em off the battlefield. Now, the robots have kill switches, so "now we can kill the unit if it goes crazy," according to the Army. I feel safer already.

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