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Comment Re:Iceland (Score 1) 227

Whale is delicious! Whale-sashimi, thin slices fried on a pan, grilled whale and sour whale.

People all over the world are up in arms because a small nation allows the killing of a tiny portion of the overall whale population around Iceland. In 2009 and 2010 combined Iceland killed 273 'fin whales'! The fin whale population around Iceland was, in 2006, 25.800 and is only growing in numbers.

In 2009 we killed 81 'common minke whale'. The population just around Iceland was, in 2006, 43.600 and is only growing in numbers.

The hunting quota has been 200 'fin whales' and 200 'common minke whale' per year which is a tiny portion of the overall population around Iceland!

The funny thing is though that 99% of those people who are actually opposed to whale-hunting in the world have that opinion because they think whales are cute, they listen to the lies of Green Peace (people not the whales) and really think that by killing a few whales we are making them go extinct! I can see why hunting, for example fin whales, in the Southern-hemisphere is banned but it's ridiculous to ban it in the North-Atlantic!

Comment Re:Way too confusing - No it's not! (Score 1, Insightful) 1264

You just don't get the idea behind open-source software so all your arguments are quite silly!

For me the power is the multiple choices:

        - I don't like the de/wm I switch

        - I don't like the OS I switch

        - I would like to add a feature to some program, I do my best to actually add it myself

For the average user Ubuntu, Mint and Fedora are the OS'es I would recommend and I really don't get the whole compatability argument because the average user doesn't need to deal with the underlying "mechanics" of the system and if for example some workplace would be Linux-only with different distros they would most definetely have a Linux-admin of some sorts and for a Linux guy it's not a problem that the workplace has multiple OS'es. I've actually managed a small computer-lab (15 computers with Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Debian, Arch and a CentOS server) for the past year and I've never had any problems and I wouldn't consider myself an intermediate Linux-user in comparison to a few guys I know.

Of course for the business-side of things there is RHEL whom I consider to be a business distro and many companies use that because of the "vendor-support".

My parents have been using Ubuntu for two years now without any hiccups and although they were a bit unsure at the time it's paid off.

A similar story of my grandpa which uses Ubuntu and my in laws that use Mint.

So if you want OS'es for the average user you pick Ubuntu or Mint (haven't tested Fedora on relatives or friends). If you want a business distro you use and pay for RHEL. If employees want different distros chances are that one of them really knows his stuff, if not you hire a Linux-admin like you would hire a Windows-admin for day to day tasks or to solve problems the average user can't.

Comment Re:Is the desktop still gonna suck? (Score 1) 214

I have to, switched distros and DE/WM frequently when Gnome 2 disappeared. After few months of searching I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 (Gnome 2) and when Mint 13 is released I will try that out. The DE in Mint (called cinnamon) is a gnome shell fork which looks and behaves like Gnome 2.

Submission + - Are NASA falsifying temperature stats or just a mi (

gislifb writes: The Icelandic press is covering a story about NASA's, appearently, false information about temperature in the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik. It seems like NASA has lowered temperatures from about 1930-1970 and some claim that is to support the theory that global warming is somewhat man made.
An honest miscalculation or a dishonest "miscalculation"?
The information is covered very well in the following link and that page also has e-mail correspondence from Icelandic meteorologist Trausti Jonsson.

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