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Comment Re:They're not the first. (Score 2) 71

I've found this pretty useful. The person ahead of me had their card swallowed for whatever reason (maybe incorrect PIN entered one too many times), so using the contactless method was a relief.

One limitation I've found is that Bank of America has restricted this to withdrawals only. To deposit cash or checks, you'd have to insert your ATM card still.

Comment 100K for new grads? Nice... (Score 1) 221

So potentially someone finishing their undergrad could start off with a USD 100K salary, when combined with this other bill. Now 100K may not be much in the coasts and various STEM fields, but then who decides which degrees/fields get priority? From what I can tell, it's almost always been lottery the past several years, even those in the "advanced degree" fields.

Independently, both bills have good intent at addressing specific problems. Taken together, it introduces another one (or more, depending on how many lawyers can take advantage of it).

Comment Re:Turnabout is fair play. (Score 2) 147

This is pretty much what many reviewers and gamers point out every time a game is released on both platforms. Inevitably, someone always points out that the game runs at 1080p on the PS4 but only at 900p or 720p on Xbox One, if only to validate that they made the "right choice" with their platform purchase.

Comment Make your computers help you⦠(Score 1) 464

An optometrist recommended corrective lenses for me as well to deal with slight astigmatism, and I gave it a shot for about 10 weeks before stopping it because it just never got comfortable. I've noticed that frequently putting them on/off causes a hint of a lingering headache, but I'm guessing that could be due to my eyes/brain trying to re-focus constantly.

These days, I've just made font sizes larger in the primary programs I use â" Terminal, IDE, mail, web browser, etc. That's made things much easier to read by taking much less effort. I've made a similar change on my mobile devices (laptop, phone). I figure every bit helps in reducing/slowing down the degradation of vision.

Comment Re:numbers? (Score 4, Informative) 357

Emery Lehman, highest scorer for the US, on the Men's 5000 meter competitions:

Salt Lake City USA (2013-11-17): 6 min 19.86 sec (personal best)
Sochi Olympics 2014 (2014-02-08): 6 min 29.94 sec

His performance at the Sochi Olympics is 19.18 seconds away from the top scorer.

Jonathan Kuck, second after Lehman for the same competition:

Salt Lake City USA (2013-11-17): 6 min 09.73 sec (personal best)
Sochi Olympics 2014 (2014-02-08): 6 min 31.53 sec

Patrick Meek, third in Sochi Olympics 2014, for the same competition:

Salt Lake City USA (2012-01-21): 6 min 23.89 sec (personal best)
Sochi Olympics 2014 (2014-02-08): 6 min 32.94 sec

Only Jonathan Kuck's personal best beats out the top scorer in this competition. I'll defer to wiser minds in determining whether having a suit give you +5-10 second advantage is "fair" in this competition.

Comment Relatively fast, but depends on the keyboard (Score 1) 240

It depends on the keyboard I'm using.

My preferred keyboard of choice for the last several years is the Kinesis Advantage contoured keyboard. With that, I'm able to sustain 100+ wpm with 99% accuracy. And sometimes I surprise others that I'm able to maintain this while maintaining a conversation with them.

On other keyboards, though, my speed falls dramatically as I can't touch-type as easily.

I also thought I was typing relatively fast, until a friend of mine pointed me to So far, I'm still trying to beat my all-time best of 142 wpm of so long ago.

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