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Submission + - Human embryo 'born' to three parents (

gihan_ripper writes: "It sounds like the storyline from a Russ Meyer film, but a human embryo has been created using the genetic material from one man and two women. A team from Newcastle University, England, have developed the technique in the hope that it could be used to prevent diseases caused by faulty mitochondria.

Their experiment starts with two ingredients: first, a left over (and 'severely abnormal') embryo from an IVF treatment; second, a donor egg from another woman. The donor egg has all but the mitochondrial DNA removed, then a nucleus from the embryo is inserted into the egg. Effectively, this results in a mitochondria transplant."


Submission + - Microsoft closes in on the XO laptop (

gihan_ripper writes: "Microsoft is gearing up to put XP on the '$100' XO laptop, at least according to the BBC, which gives an expected timeframe of "early in 2008" for the first trials. However, the blog of Microsoft exec James Utzschneider paints a different picture. To quote: 'We started the project around the beginning of the year and think it will be mid-2008 at the earliest before we could have a production-quality release.' The major challenge is shrinking the behemoth XP and assorted applications to fit on the 1GB flash drive. MS is pushing for the OLPC to install an additional 2GB. Utzschneider claims the advantage for children is that '...the tens of thousands of existing educational applications written for Windows can potentially run on the XO'."

Submission + - 'Lifesaver bottle' filters out viruses (

gihan_ripper writes: "British inventor Michael Pritchard has developed a small self-contained filter system that instantly cleans water, removing all particles larger than 15nm. Speaking to the Telegraph, he said that he was inspired after seeing the effects of Hurricane Katrina and the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004; people had to wait for many days to get fresh water and many died from drinking contaminated water. The filter is so effective that it can purify dirty river water and even faecal matter. His bottle will shortly be available for sale from Lifesaver Systems at an expected cost of £190 (approx. $385)."
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Command and Conquer 12th Anniversary (

gihan_ripper writes: "Command and Conquer saw its 12th Anniversary on 31st August this year. EA Games is putting on a month of celebrations in September. To kick things off, they've released the classic 1995 Command and Conquer Gold for free download. There's more about the release here and a review of the original game here."

Submission + - 'Flying saucers' to go on sale soon (

gihan_ripper writes: "Perhaps the ultimate nerd acquisition, the flying car, is to go on sale in a few months. Speaking to the BBC, the inventor Dr Paul Moller described his creation, dubbed the Flying Saucer, as a VTOL aircraft designed to hover at 10ft above the ground. The flying saucer has eight engines and is expected to sell for $90,000. Dr Moller expects to produce a successor within six years, a "Skycar" capable of a climb rate of 6000 ft/min and airspeed of 400mph."

Submission + - Wikipedia pages edited by CIA, Diebold (

gihan_ripper writes: "A new search tool has been used to correlate IP addresses and Wikipedia entries. As reported by Wired, the startling results show that Diebold edited Wikipedia to remove connections with President Bush. Likewise, the BBC reports that a Democratic Party computer was used to edit Rush Limbaugh's page, labelling him "idiotic", "racist", and "a bigot". Finally, the Telegraph writes that members of the CIA were found to have edited the entries of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. This is all reminiscent of the storm that arose in January when Microsoft paid a programmer to "correct" its Wikipedia page."

Submission + - UK Supermarket takes on Microsoft

gihan_ripper writes: "UK supermarket Tesco is to move into the software business this month, directly competing with Microsoft. The Telegraph reports that Tesco will begin with an offering of six products, including office and security suites. Strikingly, Tesco's products will all cost under £20 (about $38). The developers behind these offerings are Formjet, and it seems certain that Tesco will be pushing their Ability Office product."

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