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Comment Re:Not a "glitch" (Score 2) 195

" e.g. Having an extra data field to specify the level of precision (country, state, county, city, block, etc.). "38N 97W" is much different from "38N 97W, plus or minus 1500 miles".

Their API has a field for that. It's an enum that defines precision.. The datum for US is algorithmical centre of the US. Unfortunate for the farm. Maxmind should probably move it.

What you can't really forgive is application developers that ignore this field in their implementation or otherwise not displaying dp/sf info to the end user

Comment Re:I don't think... (Score -1, Troll) 411

Agreed. Religion is just not a consideration in some peoples lives. Atheism is not a consideration in some peoples lives.
Atheism seems to have it's own type of religion. A cult with an agenda.
I think that most people who are classed as Atheist are in fact something else. Let's call it Notgiveashitist, no, wait... Meh-ist.

Comment Re:Don't laugh, KDE might work out for you (Score 2) 125

I use activities exclusively instead of virtual desktops. It works well and helps me keep focused. The other good thing about activities is you can stop and start them. when you start one it can spawn a lot of apps for you. I have a media activity that spawns my media locations, has amarok running all the time on it and shortcuts to various media apps on the desktop.
My programming activities have the env set for the project i am working on, spawns several consoles and loads up my coding playlist. Each has a different style, different set of widgets. all designed to keep me focussed.

Comment The Inkjet printhead... (Score 4, Informative) 24

The Inkjet printhead is one of the more interesting parts of this machine. Digging through the layers of websites and papers reveals the printhead is an Epson Workforce 30.
The bulk of that work was done by Joyce Kwan, Paper here: Design of Electronics for a High-resolution, Multi- Material, and Modular 3D Printer
This is a great paper and amazing work on hacking up an Epson printhead and I hope they progress this further

Comment Money grabbing! (Score 1) 134

That's just low. Next you will be telling us that you have revenue share deals for all the big software. I'll bet you got yourself some really nice toys with the money you made from Firefox and LibreOffice you recently promoted. What next? Promoting KDE or Gnome with some sweet purchase price deals?
Also, why even promote this? What is this, some kind of news site for nerds? How dare you.
Have a lttle heart would you, this stuff matters.

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