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Comment Re:Unregulated (Score 1) 333

It's hard to say it's unregulated.

First of all, certain things are required on the packaging. Those are regulations.

The ingredients list is one of those things. It's supposed to reflect what is inside. If it doesn't, that's fraud.

If you want to ensure that every container accurately reflects its ingredients, you'll have to have FDA inspectors present at every production facility, just like USDA inspectors are present at every slaughterhouse.

You'll be sure there's aloe in the aloe gel. The only problem is, it will cost so much to manufacture that only megacorps will be able to sell any. Small businesses will be shut out. And the products will probably cost twice as much.

What we need are more studies like these, to catch the fraudsters-- not more regulations.

Comment Re:They didn't succeed though (Score 4, Insightful) 667

*sigh* He's not. You never saw Rev. Sharpton hanging out with David Duke, but you saw him with Trump. You saw Jesse Jackson with Trump. You saw Latinos rallying for Trump

This "Trump is a racist" meme was entirely fabricated by the left-wing media that took offense to his "Mexican rapist" speech-- when "Mexican" is a nationality and arguably an ethnicity, not a race-- and decided to pretend he was advocating for white supremacy. Trump also once made a contemptuous statement about women-- about the same time Hillary was calling young black men "superpredators" and lauding the continued disarmament of them through gun control laws. I am aghast at how much traction this completely fact-free narrative took-- but not surprised, because it's easier to vilify someone than refute his points and policies. And I'm a guy who voted for Gary Johnson.

Comment Talking about abolishing the electoral college? (Score 1) 1081

A Republican President must have been elected.

It's funny how state agreements outside the Constitution are OK when they're left-wing states. They could form a Constitutional Convention, and abolish the electoral college that way, but no-- that would give weight to the smaller states, and they would need 75% of the states to ratify. Let's just have populous states like California and NY make all of our decisions for us, instead.

Comment Other things Obama hates (Score 0) 436

In related news, US President Barack Obama also criticized the telephone, SMS, email, the USPS, cubicle walls, break rooms, dinner parties, and little folded pieces of paper passed in Math class* for repeating "attacks" and "outright lies".

* yes, kids probably don't do this anymore and it really dates me to say so. Suck it.

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 3, Insightful) 333

I installed Windows 10 on a Compaq laptop from 2006 that was running XP (and "designed for Vista"). By technical standards, this is an unwise move. But this is a platform that Microsoft claims will run as well on Windows 10, if not better.

It has 2 GB RAM and passed the assessment. With Windows 10, every time I boot it grinds the hard disk for 15 minutes straight, updating Defender and basically using all the RAM on the system for its own purposes. It would also force updates and REBOOT WHILE I WAS USING IT until I used domain policy to disable that. It's only by having it linked to a domain that this PC is usable. I do still have to disable, then enable the driver for the sound card on every boot, because even though it passed the assessment the sound card does not work until I do this.

Comment Re:You are entering a carbon-friendly area (Score 1) 693

Well, actually, worst case is that we pay for it through laying a heavy burden of taxation on the middle class-- as usual-- shrinking it further and stagnating the economy in a 21st-century version of the New Deal.

That's why I stop short of deciding that government is the answer to this problem, because government is usually only the right answer if you need someone killed or thrown in prison.

Comment Re:You are entering a carbon-friendly area (Score 1) 693

Like starting stories that the government is taxing hard-working people, subsidizing oil and gas to increase atmospheric carbon so that real-estate speculators can get a windfall return on investments in the Ozarks.

I guess I'm a wingnut, because everything before the real-estate speculators part appear to be actual facts.

Comment Re:You are entering a carbon-friendly area (Score 1) 693

Mann got the death threats and "suspicious power" after those dicey emails were released. So it wasn't specifically because he was the "hockey stick" guy, but because wingnuts were sure he'd concocted the whole thing based on the emails about fudging the data. And you have to be a wingnut to even threaten to kill someone over this.

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